Need Help from you experts.

  1. I received call two bags available but not sure which one I should purchase as my first bag. The classic flap black with silver chain or the Reissue in Black with silver Chain:drool:.

    Send in your vote now!:yes:
  2. what size are they? i think they will both nice. personally, i like the classic flap better.
  3. Reissue!
  4. oooh tough choice as they would both make excellent first Chanels!

    Is the classic flap caviar or lambskin :smile:
  5. Reissue!
  6. I am checking on the size, not sure, my first bag
    when I called I asked for the medium size
    I would like my second bag to be jubo red flap.

    Newbie question, doe the reissue come in just the two
    leather choices?
  7. reissue is only in distressed calfskin, if the one offered to you is in silver chain, I think it is the metallic black in gun metal silver chain. I'll pick the reissie as it is harder to come by.
  8. Thanks!
  9. I personally prefer the classic flap to the metallic black reissue for a first Chanel...but good luck with your decision! You really can't go wrong either way! :yes: ;)
  10. I prefer the classic flap. Let us know what you decide :tup:
  11. reissue, reissue, reissue. did i say reissue?
  12. Reissue!
  13. gosh, this is a hard decision! i like both.....sorry no help here
  14. reissue :smile:
  15. I vote for the classic flap!