Need help from TPF to round up my collection...

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Which bags for the year/

  1. Speedy B 35 in ebene and Chanel WOC

  2. Speedy B 30 empreinte black

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  1. So, here comes the important question: What bag(s) to get this year?
    Kind of limiting myself to 1 to 2 bags a year.

    My small collection:
    Mono: Speedy B 30, cles
    Ebene: Trevi PM, Eva
    Azur: Artsy MM
    Epi: Alma bb
    Chanel: Medallion tote black, Classic flap M/L black, zippy wallet

    My choices:

    #1 Speedy B 35 in ebene for travel and Chanel WOC

    #2 Empreinte speedy B 30 in black
  2. Option 1
  3. Empreinte Speedy!
  4. Option #2
  5. empriente
  6. #1
    You already have a Speedy B in size 30, so adding a larger size for travel makes sense.
    And you can not go wrong with a WOC, such a beautiful and classic piece.
  7. Empreinte speedy is the best ever IMHO :smile:
  8. If you travel enough to get a lot of use out of Speedy B then I say option 1. If not then option 2 all the way!
  9. empreinte all the way! 😃👏👍

  10. I totally agree. But what about infini instead?
  11. Option 1 !

  12. difficult.... I couldn't decide without seeing black first!
  13. I always prefer more things
  14. Empriente speedy black..
  15. Option 2