Need help, from those who know Coach legacy bags well

  1. First off, I am a huge collector and lover of the Coach legacy line. I have several of these handbags. The white 10328 is the first I bought, which was off of eBay. The second I bought was the whiskey 10328 at Nordstrom, in person, as it was clearance so I could not help it! The third.. a different style, 10326 in black. Yes, the 10328 is my favorite!

    The last one, very recently... I bought the black 10328 recently from eBay. I know I am taking a risk with eBay. I only go with experienced sellers. I read ALL the feedback; I ask a lot of questions and even ask for more pictures.

    So here is the deal - the one I most recently bought in black... it seems smaller than the other two I have. I am not sure why? The little details are even and seamless and high-quality. It has the same pockets, hardware. Just the size is what puts me off.

    I searched ebay a bit and have noticed this in some of the headlines that is not mentioned in other headlines or listings:


    My question, or at least one of them, is is there more than one version/edition of this handbag?

    Bear with me, as I am fairly new to coach... as in, I bought my first coach purse, less than eight months ago. (and I am in love!):heart:

    I tried to be as clear as possible, if you have got as far reading, thank you!!
  2. I am going to post some pics of my three 10328 bags a little later on and maybe that will give you a clear picture of what I mean. I wouldn't be surprised if there is more than one version... I guess I feel stupid for not thinking of this beforehand!
  3. I don't know if there is more than one "version" of a style, but at times, they make a bag, then change the design slightly during production.

    I know my Mandy changed: The stock photo has a strap from the back of the bag to the front, and the actual bag only has a decorative strap on the front of the bag. Pockets changed a bit also

    Here's an example:
    Coach Photo: 10331_d1.jpg

    Versus actual bag: mandy.jpg (hard to tell, but you can see the zipper on top and no strap coming from the back of the bag).
  4. There is a slimmer Ali type bag called the slim flap but it has a different style number.