Need help from those of you with jumbo caviar flap

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  1. Where is the sticker located? in main bag area? in pocket? if in pocket, stuck right to leather or on a flap? can you send a picture? I really want a bag on eBay that looks real but the seller can't find the sticker. I don't know if it is not real or if she is just overlooking it so I want to give her some help on finding it. Thanks!!:heart:
  2. Stacy, I used to own a offwhite jumbo flap and the authenticity sticker was inside the main compartment on the bottom of the bag (left side if the bag is facing you). At least that's what I remember because I don't have it anymore.
  3. I just checked mine and Mon is right. Sometimes it's easier to see if you turn the bag around.
  4. ^^Thanks so much for the info!
  5. Yep, that's where mine is!
  6. She found it thanks to your help!!
    Now on to my other post and the poll...seems most folks are leaning toward silver hw....
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