Need help from the Hockey Gods!

  1. I know this is silly, but I need a lot of praying for Dallas, Texas (Go STARS) to win the hockey game tonight. DH is a Canuck fan and thus we have a split household watching this intense game!

    I am amongst all Canuck fans and need more support!!!!!!!:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: Purty please:idea:
  2. LOL! Sure! Go STARS!:dothewave:
  3. :choochoo: :biguns: I am not a hockey fan but I will pray for them :queen: :biguns: :party: :party: :balloon:

    Since your a fan of Texas sports lets all pray your hometown boy Roger Clemens comes back to baseball , if not my Team the Yankees that at least the Astros , anyone but the Red Socks :wacko:
  4. sorry...A Fellow Canuck here..cant resist my hometown team!!
    GOOD GAME though!! :drinkup:
  5. ahahahaa sorry, I'll be of no help seeing as I am a Canucks fan :ninja: