need help from the experts-does this exist??

  1. Hi...I need help. I can not find for my life this type of bag. I saw someone one the NYC streets a few days ago with a small nylon quilted hangbag with a shoulder strap with gold accents (not 100% sure of the gold part). Anyway, I know Chanel makes quilted nylon but I cant find it anway on the net. Attached is a pic from a Prada one on eBay that is pretty close but the one I saw is more like a square/rectangle... any help would ease my mind. thanks!

    eBay: New Prada Black Quilted Bag Contenitore Tracolla $225 (item 230031347773 end time Sep-27-06 16:42:37 PDT)

    Am I dreaming something like this exists?
  2. I saw a lot of nylon bags at the Beverly HIlls store on Fri - Rodeo Dr, but I didn't notice if they had hardware, it's worth a call to them!
  3. Edit: Oops read your post wrongly

    I don't really know :shame:
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