need help from singaporean tpf'ers

  1. hi guys!
    i am based in hong kong and am having such a difficult time tracking down an epi ivoire soufflot. i've been searching for it forever (and hitting myself on the head for buying something else instead while it was available here- argh!). i will be in singapore aug 9 to 15 and was wondering if it's available in the boutiques there. if it is, how much? TIA
  2. i'm pretty desperate. come on friends from singapore- anybody know about the stocks in the stores? please let me know even if it's just to tell me that there's none available. that way i can look at other possible sources. thanks!
  3. hi sorry i'm now not in singapore and so can't help. maybe u can try calling direct LV hotline: +65 6788 3888
  4. thanks petrina! appeciate it.
  5. I'll help you bump this up!! *Good luck!!*
  6. :tup: Yes, my friend in SG just email me say that there is 1 in the DFS LV Boutique Selling SGD$1510.00