Need help from POCHETTE owners!

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  1. I was wondering how long the strap of the Pochette Accessoires is? So if someone could measure the strap, I'd be very, very thankful :P
  2. the strap itself, including the D-ring, is about 15"±, and the drop is about 6.5"±
  3. Thank you, Sandra. :flowers:
    That helps a lot!
  4. Yes...Like Sandra said, the drop of the strap alone is about 6.5 inches, but if you can get the Extender, it adds a good 4 inches to the drop, for a total of 10 inches or so. Most people like to get the extender. I personally think the extender adds a little more BLING to the otherwise "basic" Pochette Accessoires, not to mention it's much more comfortable if you're going to carry it on your shoulder! :smile:

  5. Agreed. The pochette strap is too short for me! I bought the extender before I carried my pochette out!
  6. I carried mine w/o the extender for a long time. It hangs much nicer with it on & it probably wouldn't have worn the Made in France stamp nearly completely off if I had gotten an extender earlier.
    The Pastilles will mahe a great looking extender.

  7. agreed. That's exactly what I thought when I saw the pastilles. It would look adorable ;)
  8. how much is the extender (US $)?
  9. ^^ about $110-$115 now.
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