Need help from Nimbus owers!!

  1. I need a big help.

    Ok... I decided to get Nimbus in Perle, but I couldn't decide whether I should have PM or GM.

    The equal size bags that I can think of are the Tulum GM (as Nimbus PM) and Onatah leather (as Nimbus GM). I own both Tulum and Onatah, but the thing is I still couldn't decide the size of Nimbus anyway.

    So, could you please tell me whether the Nimbus is some kinds of structure or it's more of sagging. I think if it's some kind of structure, I think I will get the PM. But if it tends to sag, I will get the GM.

    I, actually, want to try on before buying it; however, I live in the town where is no LV store. it's hard for me...

    Thanks in advance.....:p
  2. doesn't the Nimbus only come in one size? well anyway i saw it on a woman at Chanel yesterday, and it's BIG. it doesn't sag as much as you think though
  3. I think the ecru and beige Nimbus only have the GM, but the grey and anthracite coming out for fall will come in GM and PM. I have the GM beige, and I love it! Especially great for travel, fits anything, but doesn't feel heavy, and the soft shoulder strap never hurts, not even on bare shoulders. I don't think it looks bulky, but maybe a very tiny person might feel differently.
  4. i'm on the waitlist too meeju but i've tried on the nimbus gm this current season for the beige and ecru. it definitely does weigh down once you put stuff in there. however it doesn't sag as much as the onatah i don't think. perhaps the leather is more padded and substantial? that's JMO.
  5. When I tried the GM in the store, it was HUMONGOUS on me, and I'm 5'7" without shoes on. I have no clue how I would be able to fill the bag up. Without things inside...the bag looked very weird, but I think with enough stuff inside it shouldn't sag too much because the leather feels padded and thicker. If the PM is like the Tulum GM...then GREAT!! Big enough for me!