need help from mousse owners!

  1. I just had a thought about my new paddy. I was told by Barney's the color was gris/vert. But the bag did not have a hang tag, and when she rang it up the color on the receipt said Gris. Now I know it is not the fall 06 Gris, because that bag does have a brass lock-I am certain of this per a Chloe boutique SA.

    My bag has a silver lock, but now I am wondering if perhaps mine is mousse? I have posted pics in past threads, but they do not really do it justice. As I look at the bag I can best describe t as a steel color with green undertones. In the evening it looks like a dull steel grey, in the sunlight the green comes out more. The edging on the leather straps almost have a purple-ish hue.

    I have heard mousse is much more of a seafoam color. Could someone elaborate?

    I just want to know the official color of the bag I own.

    Thanks, Kari
  2. Hey Triplets,

    I think you have mousse. My mousse padlock is silver colored, but made of 100% brass!
    I have the tag right here! :yes:
  3. I don't have a mousse paddy but I took a good luck at the pics you sent me and I really think it's mousse. :yes:
  4. hmwe46...I do know that VG has a silver colored lock also. Would you say your bag is kind of the color of an elephant when it is not in the sunlight? Wow, that is a strange question but hope it makes sense.
  5. Audrey...then what do we think the difference in it and VG might be? I am so confused. Was mousse a popular color? will the poularity hold up if I ever go to sell it? I still have this week to decide.
  6. OK, actually it looks more like this on LVR, note in one of the side pics the edges of the leather are kind of an eggplant color, this is exactly what mine look like. Is this what they look like on mousse?? LVR calls this color gris/vert ::: shopping on line
  7. Ok this is just my opinion but here goes:

    I think that VG may be a darker grey with a very slight blue tone (based on the pics I've seen.) Your seems to be a slight undertone of green. However, your bag looks lighter than the other mousse bags I've seen... so I'm not sure. I'm no chloe expert. Maybe you could try taking some more pics of it in different lighting and compare them to the pics of mousse on TPF?

    I actually LOVE the mousse color! I think it's beautiful! I think you would be able to sell it if you decided that. Do you not like the color? What are your feelings on the bag?
  8. Hey gals!

    I think Triplet's bag is a Mousse.

    I do not think the one on Aloha Rag is Mousse- it's much grey-er than mine. Mine really stands up to the true translation: moss. It has grey-green tones to it, no blue.

    I think LVR is a bad site to do comparo's to since their pics all seem to be colored via photoshop, and not the natural color of the bag. That said, their GV looks Mousse to me - hee hee
  9. Cute descrip!! But yeah, I wouldn't disagree with that :idea:

  10. Sounds like Mousse to me.
  11. Triplets is this the one you're talking about, I searched your posts and found it? I'm confused as it looks same colour as my mousse pocket paddy (I just got it) but mine has different shade in edging. My bag has like darker mousse coloured edging, not purple-ish hue that I can see in your pic ...Could your bag be some new fall colour? :rolleyes: It looks lovely! :love:
    triplet's paddy.jpg
  12. Sonja....this is exactly what I am talking about!! It does have this purple-ish edging! And let me add that when I look at this picture of mine that you've posted, and then look at the actual bag.....the bag is NOT this minty color I am seeing in the picture. Mine is much more of a slate color IRL. It is honestly a color that on an overcast day seems frankly quite dull and flat. But in the sun it can look blue-ish with hints of purple and green. I was always told that in the sun, Mousse looks bright and kind of seafoam. Mine is NOT seafoam at all. Does this help you, help me, determine the color my bag!! LOL
  13. hee! ^^^ my mouse never seems minty or seafoam.

    The best way I can describe it is moss ;) Sorry. But it's really picks up the
    cream trim. I like your descrip of the elephant-- but if it had greenish tinges to it -- LOL!!

    Actually, your bags look more elephantile in coloring!!!

    Here are some old pics of my mousse with other Chloe colors. As soo as
    taupe gets here I'll post a ful family album :yes:
  14. hmwe....your pictures definitely help. I bet it is mousse. It is just the kind of thing you want to know. So I ever part ways with it on e-bay or the like, I at least know what I am talking about! Thanks for your help.