need help from metallic spy owners

  1. I posted this on "authenticate" but didn't get any answers, and I'm getting ready to sell a spy, so I'm hoping for some help. I somehow have only one authentication card between my 2 spies..silver-gold and gold-silver. I'm not sure to which one it belongs! It says:


    It could be either, since they both have silver in them...the number doesn't help, because both have UNQ on it.

    Can anyone take a look at a gold and at a silver spy and let me know what they say? Many thanks!
  2. As I understand it, the primarily gold one has serial of 8BR511 UNQ, and the primarily silver one has 8BR511 UNG. If you look at the leather serial tags on the inside, that's what it should say. So the card you have goes with the gold one. But look on the inside leather tag to double check.
  3. Very strange...I checked the leather tags and the photo, and yet both my spies have UNQ. Hmmm....and somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought that it belongs to the gold. It was a mistake for me to separate the paperwork from the spies, that's for sure..and I don't know how I lost one of the cards! Right now, though, the only thing left to work on is that one online says ORO ARGENTO, and mine says ARGENTO ORO, so maybe it goes with the silver-gold one.

    Does anyone else have these spies that would like to help solve the mystery!

    Thank you all very much for replying. :smile:
  4. Where's Pyrexia? Her avatar is of her metallic spy, she can certainly solve this mystery! :yes:
  5. Hi: Could u post pic of both of ur pies? I wanna see differnces bet gold/silver and silver/gold. I'm trying to make my next purchase decision between these two. Thanks.
  6. I have the gold and it says ORO ARGENTO.

  7. Hi, Smalinee--I'm sorry I can't post pictures--I'm soon going to be very unpopular on Purseblog if I don't hurry up and get a digital camera, but right now I don't have one and don't know how to use one! The two purses are very similar, because they both have silver coloration, but the gold is very gold--see the photo from eBay earlier in the thread--with silver undertones, and the silver has some gold undertones with silver lines between the bubbles which make it look very veiny--the handles on both bags are the same--basically gold.

    You can see good pics here--first go to Designer Handbag News and Authentication. Then scroll down and click on the Fendi Spy/Color (I forget exactly what it says but it has those words in it) heading--you'll see about all the spys Fendi has made, and the gold and silver ones are in there. Happy hunting!

    If I don't mail out my bags for resale tomorrow, I'll try and grab lesson from my husband. He does have a digital camera--but I haven't wanted to let him know how much I've been spending! Now that I'm getting rid of lots of bags, though, he'll probably welcome the chance to help!

    I can't bear to part with more than 1 or 2 spy bags....I really should re-sell 3 or 4.....
  8. thestarsgarb, I do have the metallic but unfortunately I don't have the paperwork that comes with it (bought it second-hand)

    I'm sorry I can't be of much help!
  9. Thanks for all the help....right now I'm trying to decide which of the two metallics to sell--today it's the gold, but tomorrow I could change my mind. I like the gold a little better, but the leather is softer on the silver, and the gold seems to be rubbing off a little anyway. Either way, Monday I'm mailing my stuff to Ann's boutique. I think my card probably goes with the silver one. I know they're both authentic because they came from styledrops and from Net-a-Porter.

    Everyone on this board really goes out of their way to help out--I really appreciate it!