Need help from Metallic Black owners plsss...

  1. Some of you might saw the thread that I posted about my new acquired Metallic Black that seems to have a minor defect on leather. Well, I took it over to NM and asked about it, but unfortunalatey my SA's mrg didn't see any problem with it. In fact, she said that it is made of distress leather, so there might be some imperfection on the leather part. Anyway, my SA told me to take it back home to decide if I want to keep it or not, since it is very hard to come by.

    After I took it home, I decided to ask my DH if he can notice any problem with the bag. Well he has no problem pin pointing the spot for me. In fact, he pointed at a spot that I didn't notice before too. I tilted the bag to different angles to see if that is really a defect on the bag or is just because the fact that it is "distress leather". To make the story short, I feel that the metallic black leather's color seems to be easy to fade out to white.

    So to all you lucky Metallic Black owners, do you experience the same problem that I have, or is it just that I am the unlucky one?:crybaby:I will try to take a pic of the problem spot...but dunno if it can be capture on camera.

  2. Okay, I got some pics to show my concern...:crybaby:

    This spot is my original concern located in the middle of the flap...


    Then here is the spot that my DH saw right away, but somehow I missed...:wtf:

  3. Oh my gosh, I don't own one but I don't think this is how distressed leather is supposed to look.
  4. It breaks my heart thinking that I have to return it ....and right now my DH is rubbing in on this pain of mine:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  5. aww. im so sorry! i thnk i scratched mine too.. but on the inside so it doesnt really bother me. those two spots on the bag are definitely not because of the 'distressed leather'. im sorry but you need to take that back!!
  6. My metallic black doesn't have eventho it looks distressed.
  7. My metallic black doesn't seem to have the problem.. Wow.. that is really scary..
  8. Mine is pretty perfect, so definitely take it back!
  9. I don't own one, but those two spots are very noticeable. Definitely take it back and don't take no for an answer. Also, I would call other NM locations to see if they have one in stock, and then tell your SA to order your replacement from there. IMO, I would rather pass on a defective bag than keep it because "it's very hard to come by."
  10. Those spots would definitely bother me, especially since we aren't talking about pocket change. See if they can find you another one.
  11. my metallic black reissue looks nothing like that, and i definitely don't think its due to the distressed leather finish! I agree with what rbaby has said, get your SA (or another one, since your SA doesn't seem particularly helpful) to locate another one for you-- for the price you're paying, your reissue should be in perfect condition!
  12. Hmm..the one ur DH pointed seems bad...take it back to change for another...if they dun have this anymore, maybe can change for another bag that your like?
  13. The leather definitely should NOT look like that. If another bag cannot be located, perhaps your SA can have it sent to CHANEL for repair. :tdown:
  14. My SA already told me that it would be hard to locate another one. I guess I have no choice but return it. Hopfully I will be able to find one that I really love to replace this in the near future.:girlsigh: Ladies, thanks for confirming the problem of this bag for me. For the price that we pay on those gorgeous bags, we shouldn't have to live with any flaw....well, unless it is something that we did to our own bag.:sweatdrop:
  15. I agree, return it; the s/a just wants to make her commission and the manager should have gone out of his way to accommodate you.

    Have you tried Nordstrom? I love their customer service!