need help from Liverpudlians! (or nearby...)


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Aug 29, 2006
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hello everybody,

I'm considering coming to Liverpool next August during the International Beatles'week with my Bf.
I've found good fares with Ryanair, but I still don't know where to sleep!:confused1:
Can you pls help me?
I'm searching for:
- a double room with private bathroom
- price around 60-65 £
- if possible with breakfast included
- not far from the city centre, or at least very close to public transportation
I consider any kind of accomodation: hotel, B&B, guest house, not hostel if rooms and bathroom are shared.
Pls. give me suggestions!!! If possible post the website, too.


Aug 9, 2006
What about Formule 1 hotel?
prices are very cheap and location seems good (25, Wapping Baltic Triangle).

Yeah that looks ok but I dont think its in a good area. The premier travel inn is down a back street in the town centre. Its a huge hotel. I think that would be better. When you go visit Met quater...lots of nice shops :nuts:


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Jun 4, 2006
Nice one, Socialite. I shall watch this thread with interest as sometime this year I hope to make it to Liverpool together with my bro to watch Liverpool FC in action :smile:

Maryg, you might wish to take a look at some useful info on this thread:

Guide to Liverpool for visitors

aawww. i hope you'll make it to watch the liverpool on life at anfield.
i'm a big fans of liverpool :yahoo:


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Jan 12, 2006
i PM'd you!
i think the best hotels in liverpool are the radisson, hope st, sir thomas st (right in town centre), and the holiday inn in albert dock.
albert dock is about a 10/15 min walk from the town centre, radisson and hope st are about a 10 mins walk but in different directions.
as i stated though, id hurry up because all the rooms will be booked up in the not too distant future, people come from all over the world for this festival and the city is PACKED!
the monday is the best day to be there on, the sat is a fun day shopping mixed with a traditional pub for lunch, more shopping then back to the hotel to chill for abit and off out into the citys bars for the evening.
As i said in my PM i know all the best shops :biggrin: and i also know all the best bar locations in the city so again just PM if you need anything