Need help from Kooba lovers

  1. I just bought a Kooba purse but as I search the websites, I don't see this bag anywhere and I am wondering if it's a fake. I bought it at the Off Saks Fifth Avenue store. It looks like the Frankie bag (satchel) and it's in cream. It was really cute and was a good price. Does anyone know what i am talking about? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, ladies!:sad:
    Kooba bag1.jpg
  2. It looks like a Frankie to me, too. To this novices eye it looks authentic, although I have never seen one in that shade of leather. Hopefully some of the Kooba experts out there can be of more assistance. Cute bag!
  3. it looks real from the outside, but would need pics of the inside as well if possible.
  4. The inside of the bag has the purple suade, real zippers. It looks real, but the color is what is throwing me off. I dont' see anywhere this bag is being sold with this color.
    kooba inside.JPG
  5. I've seen some kooba bags with that purple lining at the kooba sample sale.
  6. well the inside def looks real. my lucy bag looks like that. as for the frankie in cream, it could be an old color. it was being sold at Saks off fifth. kooba does sell cream color bags.
  7. It definitey looks real...although it is far away -- I must say though, I have not seen a Kooba Frankie in Cream - and I've been a big fan / researcher /stalker for almost 2 years
  8. It appears to be authentic, although like the rest of the Kooba girls I have not seen a Frankie in cream or ivory. Lexie2000 will come to the rescue on this one... I just know it! ;)
  9. Hmmmm, this one has me stumped. I have a Frankie but in all the Frankie's I have ever seen I've never seen a cream one. It looks real but the leather isn't a good enough pic to tell. The inside picture doesn't reveal alot since even fake bags look like that. A side view of the zipper is more needed. Does it widen at the end? Is Kooba written on side side or both. Should be only one side. The hang tag looks good from the outside. I have only seen one fake Frankie ever and it was pretty good. I guess they never faked them alot because the Frankie never hit a high popularity even though they are a remarkably functional bag with 3 sections. Kooba is known for gaping holes of insides and this bag is so different. Authenticating a Kooba sometimes is very hard because on the good fakes maybe the only tell tale sign is the leather quality and if you have never seen/handled a real one you could be easily duped. Here's my Frankie.

  10. ...and there she is! Thanks for your input on this one, Lexie!
  11. i own one kooba and i'm far from an expert, but i just have one off 5th known for ever selling fakes??
  12. If you got it at the Sak's store then it should be real. I also heard that the zipper pull (the metal part where you grasp) should be thin and then gets thicker toward the end. I hope that helps.

    Love the bag btw. Did you get a good deal?
  13. They did have a smooth leathered Frankie way back in an ugly orange. Maybe they made a cream one then too but I wonder how Saks got a bag from 2-3 years back. The one thing that bothers me is that I saw that at one time they had Cream colored Frankie Koobas on IOffer. And it only takes one person to try to return it to Saks with an uneducated sales person. It's not out of the realm of possibility that Saks is reselling a return Fake unknowingly.

    DVilleSoccer....I'd take it to a store that had Koobas and compare the quality to others and ask Sales People their opinions. Someone who has been around and seen enough Koobas should be able to tell.

    BTW, is the string that holds the tag a dark brown and slightly twined looking?
  14. Hey ladies, thanks for the information. The tag has a dark brown string and as I was looking at the tag, I do see that it does say:
    Style No: C547-9
    Style: Frankie
    Color: Cream
    Yeah, I was worried that someone tried to return a fake to the store and they accepted it and now I am stuck with a fake. Although, I had a coupon and it was discounted, the end price was $196.00 ($210 with tax). I couldn't pass it up. But then when I started looking around trying to find out more about the purse I started getting worried that I just bought an expensive fake. Thanks for the reassurances. I hope it's not fake. I would rather pay more and get a real one. So, hopefully it's real (and maybe just an older one) and I can hold my head up high and know I got a good deal on a discontinued Kooba.