Need Help From Hongkong Chanel Girls!

  1. Can any of you tell me what colors are in stock for the PST? What stores carry the most selection? Any Black on Black cambon large totes? I will be there this coming weekend:yahoo:Thanks!
  2. hi rica, just came from HK last week of July. Most of the PST's are beige or black there isn't very much stock. The most I saw were in the airport and the Chanel Boutique in Central. Happy Shopping!
  3. Is there a boutique in Harbor City?
  4. ^ Yes, Harbour City has a Chanel boutique
  5. Harbour City on Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Other Chanels:
    Peninsula Hotel (Kowloon, within walking distance from Harbour city)
    Prince Building, Central (HK island)
    Pacific Place, Admiralty (HK island)
    Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay (HK island)

    You can get their phone numbers on Chanel website if you want to call before hand to check stock, enjoy!
  6. ^^thanks!
  7. how much is the pst in hongkong right now?
  8. it's HK$9300.. only black and beige is available
  9. thanks! what do you think is a nicer color to get?
  10. i got the black one, it's perfect for everyday use, plus i use it when it rains. i bought the caviar classic flap in beige first and got this black one 2 days later. :smile: