Need help from Hong Kong tFPers!

  1. I'm probably gonna have a trip to Hong Kong in February next year... anybody has an idea of how much the retail prices are for the following items?

    1. Trevi PM
    2. Koala Wallet
    3. Trunks and Bags Key Holder (new release)

    THanks :p
  2. the trevi pm is hkd 10,700. not sure about the others.
  3. I think most of the newly released bags are sold out in HK at the mo
  4. I have been to HK LV. They pretty much have the same price as in US. But you will save sales tax there.
  5. If you buy in Hong Kong you can probably expect to save anywhere between 5-10%. At least that's how much I usually save. Good luck with your search and have a fun trip.
  6. Hong Kong....nice.
  7. excuse me,do you know how much is the Tivoli pm and palermo pm in Hong Kong as well??
  8. would HK be cheaper than buying an LV item at the LV in Bermuda? (Bermuda is tax free as well)
  9. Pretty good deal... around USD 1,370.

    Trevi PM is $1,460 + 8.25% tax here in LA, which is around HKD12,330.
  10. lets say i want to purchase the damier canvas pochette accessoires in HK, how much would i be saving when comparing to the US/Bermuda?

    does anyone know how much it is in HK or where i can find the price on the internet? thanks.