Need Help from Gauffre Owners

  1. I received the Gauffre bowler that I won on eBay and I'm 90% sure it's authentic. Leather is so scrumptious! Only thing that makes me a little nervous is that the zippers to the main compartment are Lampo but the zipper on the small inside pocket is riri. Should I be worried? My NM has such a limited Prada selection so I'm not sure that they'll have this bag for me to compare.
  2. sorry...I forgot to look(Hannukah started last night...crazy here!)...Will look now for u
  3. Don't worry. Prada mixes zipper brands. I have several that have both Lampo and Riri in the same bag.

    Post pics in the Autheticate thread too and let us have a lookie.
  4. ^Thanks PP. Actually, you already authenticated it from the auction pics, and the seller didn't have pics of the zipper of the interior pocket - I was just nervous because I didn't know that Prada mixed zipper brands.
    I forgot to look...DOing it now for u!
  6. Happy Hannukah Jill!!! Did you ask for a purse for everyday??? I would have
  7. ^LOL!

    I checked mine ..It has RIRI zipper in interior...
  8. ^Thanks Jill!