need help from Frye experts

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  1. Hi everyone -- I've found a pair of Frye boots that I love...except I don't know what they're called so I can't find them :Push: They're very similar to the boots in the pic attached here -- the heels are exactly the same -- but they're suede and they don't have the straps with buckles around the ankle. There are tabs at the top to pull the boots on, and I don't think there are zippers, but I'm not positive. They could be from last season -- I haven't been able to find a trace of them so far. I'm hoping someone here recognizes what I'm describing because I'd love to figure out what they're called. TIA :heart:

    (pic from
  2. That might be the Andrea...I have the Andrea mary janes, which have an identical buckle and heel structure. I hope you find them!:smile:
  3. Yep, Andrea.
  4. It was similar to all of these, but unfortunately not exactly the same :Push: They were closest to the Andrea, but with no straps/buckles, no zippers, and pull-tabs at the top. And they were suede. After obsessing for days and realizing that they might not, in fact, be Frye, I've pretty much looked at every pair of suede boots on the internet and I can't find them. I'm just going to have to keep my eyes peeled for someone who has them on and accost them ;) Thanks everyone for your help!