Need help from expertise~~**pics**~~~

  1. Can anyone here help me id this purse?? My mom got me this for my birthday and sent me thru UPS so I'll be getting this on next Monday probably...

    I would much hope it is a classic flap, but i guess i shouldn't comment on it until i c it IRL.. what do you girls think of the bag? pls be honest....(i'm 5'4, 110 lbs)

    anyways, i love you mom :heart: :heart: [​IMG]
  2. :confused1: oops, let's try this again.....
  3. it's from the new Perforated Ligne. . . can't remember the name, someone will know soon I'm sure!
    I like the Ligne okay, but it's not my favorite.
  4. thx, appreciate your input :yes:
  5. Happy Birthday. i like the style bag. i prefer it without the holes in the leather.
  6. I agree with Swanky. It's okay, but I wouldn't buy anything in the ligne. BTW, Happy Birthday!
  7. Don't throw flames at me for this comment, but the perf ligne reminds me of a luxury leather car seat. Just look for a sec, & you'll see it. Exchange it for a classic flap. That was so sweet of your Mom to think of getting you a Chanel bag though.
  8. ....does Chanel accept int'l exchange? and I wonder if my mom would leave the receipt in the gift box......:confused1:
  9. It is from a SS/2007 Ligne so you mom bought you something that is a new and fresh style. I'm sure if you do love it she will be glad for you to exchange it. Although not my favorite ligne it is still a very nice bag and a lovely birthday present.
  10. thx, this is good to you know the measurement? can't wait till Monday...
  11. Jo, I bet your mother thought to ask for a gift sales receipt -- which will have all the pertinent info on it, except for the price. With that, you should be able to easily make an exchange if you wish.

  12. enjoy your birthday gift and if you like it keep it..
    you can not go wrong with any chanel bag....
    happy birthday and thanks mom for a great gift..
  13. aww what a sweet mom!! Happy birthday!