Food Need help from European gals


Sylvie Guillem fan
May 10, 2006
I am in Western Canada and hoping to move permanently to Holland next year.

Should I bring my KitchenAid, Cuisinart, elec knife sharpener, and other beloved counter top electrical appliances? Can I simply use adapters or must I use converters as well?

Is it safe to bring my things and use converters/adapters? (None of my favs create heat so fire safety is covered unless the elec system goes nuts.) Or should I donate my kitchen tabletop appliances to the local senior center & emergency shelter kitchen before moving to Europe?

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Feb 8, 2007
Ideally, you should try convert to 220 appliances as transformers use a lot of electricity. With that said, I do still use my Kitchen Aid with a transformer because they are around 500 euros here and mine is perfectly fine. I also use my Vitamix with a transformer as that's even more costly than the KA. Most electronics are dual voltage and so you should be able to get by with adaptors.

Good luck with your move—how exciting! I'm an American in Germany, but I went to high school many, many years ago in the Netherlands. :smile: