Need help from Coffer owners!!!

  1. I am so mad, I could spit fire!! I just sold my friend's black coffer on eBay and finally got a response from the buyer. She said that she took her laptop to the "Prada Store" and that they said that the coffer should have a riri zipper on it, not a coffer. So she said that she does not want the bag now because she "does not believe it to be authentic"! :cursing: I can't believe the ignorance of some people. I have called Prada stores before and they never carry Miu Miu in my experience. Anyway, could any of you Coffer girls please take a look at the zippers on your coffers and tell me if any of them have Riri zippers or not. All of mine have Lampo. ALL 5 OF THEM!! Your help would be greatly appreciated! ;)
  2. I have a black coffer bought several months ago and the zipper has riri on it. But I also bought a grey ostrich satchel and the zipper has lampo on it. Both are bought from the same miu miu boutique.
  3. My black coffer has riri on it, bought originally from Miu boutique.
  4. I just bought a PLUM coffer last week from SG Miu Miu. It's with riri zipper.
  5. miu_2: So sorry that this is happening to you! Some people! :tdown: My plum Coffer has Lampo zipper. Maybe you can politely suggest that the potential buyer should verify it with a store that actually sells MIU MIU bags. Good luck!
  6. I'm assuming coffer = gauffre.. if so my gauffre clutch has a Lampo zipper..
  7. maybe it's a buyer's remorse? i'm sure it's real! :yes:
  8. K, this is a stupid question but whats the difference between riri zipper and lampo? I have a black coffer but do not know what Im looking for, lol.
  9. the zipper "lable" from the inside zipper of the bag...u have to turn it over(the metal part) to see.

    and mine says riri on's from milan miumiu boutique.
  10. mine is also has riri zipper...but they make both of brands I know that
  11. Did you get this worked out miu2?
  12. Just checked my new red Coffer: Lampo.
  13. :okay:
  14. Actually, yes. I sold it to someone else who is very happy with it! Thank you for asking!:cutesy: