Need HELP from Coach SAs, please

  1. I have a little dilemma and I'm hoping to get some insight...

    Last spring, I was a bridesmaid in a very swanky wedding. As a gift, the bride gave all of us one of the LE satin clutch bags...the ones with the crystals and little chain/leather straps. She probably paid full price as this was just after they had come out. I never used mine as the strap is just too short. So the thing has sat in my closet, in its dustbag, still completely new and unused. Yesterday, I took it to my favorite Coach store and they refused to let me return it for credit. The manager essentially told me I am stuck with the bag. Because I have no gift receipt or "paperwork" as she said. She also made a big deal of the fact that the bag is a year and a half first saying "you can't return a bag that is 3 years old."

    Is this the norm now? I always thought that any unused, new merchandise could be returned, for whatever the lowest price is, for store credit. Has that policy changed? I am not happy about this, to say the least, and feel like I am getting the run around. I've been buying their products for two decades and really feel like their service has gone downhill.
  2. wow that is horrible! does it still have the tags on it?

    which coach store did u go to? i live in nyc too and some of them are real jerks
  3. Sorry that they were such jerks to you. If you have no luck at the store - there's alwyas eBay!
  4. It must depend on the store and the manager. I worked at Coach in King of Prussia PA for 5 months and saw all sorts of stuff returned (including a bag that I was told was three years old). They would give store credit and return the bag back to the outlets. Perhaps you could call another Coach store and explain the situation to the manager and see what they say.
  5. Well that makes sense, now that I think about it. For example, I've seen Julianna's bag at TJ Maxx, so there wouldn't be anything to stop me from buying it there, then taking it to a Coach store to exchange from some other Coach merchandise even though I don't have a Coach receipt (but the Coach tags are still attached).


    I'm sorry the SA treated you like that. Even if her answer was no, she still could have exercised some tact instead of trying to chatise you for bringing in an older bag. Not everyone immediately uses a brand new bag (I know I don't take the tags off until I'm good and ready to use it) so its not uncommon to have an older bag.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the different perspectives.

    I know what you are saying, Kansashalo, about the TJMaxs thing, but I know they mark their bags on the creed with an 'X', and the outlets mark with a bullseye, and other stores do the same to signify that it was bought at a discount store. However, this bag was purchased at full-price and doesn't have a mark on the creed. It also includes the more exclusive white/pink dustbag.

    I don't know...I think I might speak to customer service later and see what they say. I think if the manager hadn't acted the way they did, I might feel she had legitimate concerns. This just felt like she took it personally or was having a bad day and took it out on me.
  7. That's interesting. I've bought bags from my local TJ Maxx and they have NEVER had a mark over the creed or anything. They have even came with the brown dustbag. Hmmm, I guess this is one of the reasons why Coach is stopping the distribution of their bags through certain channels because it sounds like not all vendors are doing what they should be (marking out the creed).

    I totally agree with you and I would try customer service (or as someone else mentioned, another store). I've learned that everything is neogoatible so hopefully you'll get someone that will listen to you as opposed to assuming that you're trying to run some merchandise scam (which it sounds like what the other SA may have thought).

    Good luck :tup: and let us know what happens.:yes:

  8. Actually there is somethign that SHOULD prevent that -- there's an "X" stamped in all discount store bags to prevent return..I've never seen one with out it.. but I guess it does happen.

    The tj maxx/marshalls bags typically DO include the dust bag (unless someone has stolen it). I bought the bag you mentioned at Marshalls for $149 recently and it came with the white/purple dust bag..
  9. Ok, you can only return unused merchandise without a reciept to an OUTLET FACTORY store with no time limit. If you are trying to return it to a full price store, then you must accompany the item with a reciept or a gift reciept. Factory items may be returned to a Full Price location only under this condition. No reciept returns may only occur at a Factory Outlet.

    Hope that clears it up for you!
  10. I've returned one item at a full priced store without a receipt once.. i think it was a pair of gloves or something.. and they gave me merchandise credit for it.. so i think it depends.. julianne which store did u go to? i live in nyc too
  11. ive returned to the boutique before without a receipt- but it was also something that was still on the floor. got a merch credit for it.
  12. yeah what is the item exactly julianne... if u dont want to post it in the forum, u can send me a message... i d be glad to help u out!!! i m not an SA but i m always in most of the NYC coach stores
  13. If it's still an item on rotation on the floor that hasn't been deleted and is still in Full Price, then a Full Price store can accept it back and exchange a store credit. Unfortunately, when it comes to items that have been deleted and sent to factory, a reciept (whether it be gift or original) must accompany for a store credit. You may only get a full refund from an original reciept at a Factory Outlet Store.
  14. This was at the Flagship store on 57th. I spoke to customer service yesterday, and they are going to process the return. So off it goes to Jacksonville. They said that the stores have discretion as to whether they will process a return without a receipt, but Jax can process all returns.

    Thanks again for the offers of help.
  15. Glad things worked out for you.
    I tried 2 non receipt returns at the outlet yesterday (bags that are still in stores) and they tried to give me the outlet factory price for them!
    I'm going to try my luck at the boutique if not just keep them.