Need help from chanel owners reg. classic flap

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  1. Hi fellow TPFers,

    I am new to posting on the Chanel boards.
    Recently I bought a Chanel classic flap with ladybugs on it from a seller on This was after getting the bag authenticated on the Chanel thread 2 times.

    I went through a bit of an ordeal with the seller as firstly, she sent me a bag with a different serial number as compared to the bag shown on her listing. Settled that matter after she sent me photos of the new bag which I had to authenticate (again). She claimed that she bought a few bags of the same style and the bag shown on the original listing was sold a few days before.

    The second problem arose when I asked if she had sent the receipt along with the bag as it was specified on the listing description that a receipt would be included. It took a while for her to reply, but in the end she sent me 2 photos of a template receipt in which she says the number does not correspond to the bag being sent to me. She further explained that I could not get the hardcopy receipt as they were claimed for tax refund. Then why include the receipt in the listing description?:rtr:

    Would it be unreasonable of me to be unhappy with these (small?) inaccuracies in her listings? I do think it reflects on her level of conscientiousness and perhaps integrity as a seller.

    Now, I received my Chanel bag today. :yahoo:
    But as my excitement died down, doubts begun to creep into my mind. Thus, I have 3 questions to ask Chanel owners who are reading this:

    1) Firstly, at the side of the bag, where the chains pull against the leather, there is an obvious indentation on the leather towards the interior if the bag. I am not sure if this is a normal occurrence with lambskin bags. But strangely enough, this is only observed on one side, whereas the other side is firm and straight with minimal creasing.

    2) Also, are Chanel bags meant to be symmetrical? I noticed that as the cc clasp is locked, the bottom 2 tips of the flaps are not of equal distance apart from the corresponding bottom corners of the bag. If that makes any sense. There is quite an obvious difference in length, 0.5 inches longer on the right side as compared to the left!

    3) Thirdly, Chanel products that come in the white Chanel boxes with black letterings and thin black base can only be purchased from France? The seller has claimed that the bag was purchased from Munich, Germany (CHANEL BOUTIQUE MUNCHEN).

    Thank you to anyone who has made the effort to read through that chunk of text. As a first time Chanel owner, I am very inexperienced and certainly need any guidance I can get from you ladies.:yes:

    I really do hope I don't end up with a fake as I've paid above the retail price for this bag.:shucks:
  2. By the way, I am such a computer idiot! I've been trying to post up the photos of my bag but fail at each time..
  3. Does the serial number in your bag tally with the authencity card? Bring to chanel boutique since you have received the bag to have them check for you?
  4. Oh dear.. Try and post photos!
    I'm new to Chanel as well but own 4 bags and a few wallets... I think the bags should be flawless! If they don't look flawless and if you know this seller maybe be dodgy then you may have a fake... BUT... need pics! :useless:
  5. [​IMG]
    Frontal view of the bag. Seems normal at first glance?
    This shows the left side of the bag with the indentation.
    This is the right side of the of the bag with the normal puffy appearance.
    Where the major problem lies, the distance between the bottom right corner of the bag and the tip of right flap is obviously higher by 1/2 inch as compared to the left.
    Is this normal or a defective item??:sad:
  6. Hi!
    Yes the serial number tallies, thank goodness for that.
    I had already authenticated this bag twice on TPF but realise there are certain imperfections on the bag that makes me question the craftmanship and authenticity of this bag. Or I might just be nit-picking..
    Do the chanel boutiques still do authentification? I've heard horror stories of how the treatment of the bags can be less than gentle, and come back to the owner in a somewhat battered state.
  7. I'm no expert on authenticity, but I can tell you that I had a m/l flap that had that unevenness between the bottom of the flap and the bottom of the bag. Mine wasn't as noticeable as yours, but I think it does happen in authentic bags from time to time. BTW, I ended up exchanging that bag for a reissue, but not for that reason.

    It sounds to me like the condition of the bag is an issue for you regardless of the authenticity. If the bag is authentic, would you still want it with the flaws it has? If it was sold as a new bag, I would take issue with the dent in the side, but that's just me. If you're not happy with the condition of the bag, you should send it back. Chanels are too expensive to be unhappy with them for any reason!
  8. If you look at the top of your bag, it's not level too, that's probably explains y one side of the flap is lower than the other. I have my brand new GST with 2 sides bulging out and becoz I got someone to buy it from overseas and didn't know I can exchange in Singapore so I have to live with it. It's painful. So if you can change, change it but it not, your bag will still soften after a while.
  9. I've taken a Chanel that I've bought on ebay before to the Sydney store. They won't touch it unless its purchased within Australia at one of THEIR boutiques. Kind of stupid, but makes sense.
    I'd be unhappy with the quality of your flap as well - With the amount of money Chanel's are these days, I'd want nothing less than perfect.

    Hope the situation turns out ok :flowers:
  10. I do think that there are small issues with the craftmanship, and as a first time owner of a Chanel bag, I'm not sure if these issues are part and parcel of the production of lambskin bags or something I should be worried about..
    That's why I ask for help with your expertise :smile:

    I did feel the skipping of my heartbeat the first time I opened the package laid my eyes on the bag. It is so so pretty in real life and I really do not think the photos do it justice at all! :hbeat: So when I finally did a overall checking of the bag and noticed the dent and the uneven flap I did feel disappointed and slightly panicked (wondering whether it is normal for Chanel to produce these flaws). But now as I look at it, I still love the way it appears and think I might be able to overlook these little details.

    Besides, I don't think the seller has a return policy. Though I am still unhappy with the way she inaccurately described the serial number and the inclusion of a receipt, when I look back on the photos she sent me, there is an evident dent on the side of the bag and at even closer inspection, the flap is slightly uneven.

    Also, even if I could return the bag and get a refund, as this is a limited edition design I am not sure I would be able to come across another one as easily AND in flawless condition. I don't know if that is my hoarding trait speaking, but truth is I am afraid of letting the bag go! :shucks:

    Anyway, what would you do if you were in my shoes, demand a return?
  11. Now that you point that out, it does appear so. Though I would assume that with the cc clasp secured, the flap should appear even. Otherwise, how would I be able to straighten it out? :shrugs:
    My boyfriend insists that I should just keep pushing the flap down to make it even and I was so indignant about it. How could he tell me to be rough with a lambskin bag?
    Is it an issue with the bulging sides for you? Does that mean you rather it collapses into the sides? I'm not very sure how a GST would normally appear so please educate me :yes:
    I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to exchange your bag. Is the GST a classic item? If so, you could have the option of selling your bag and buying a perfect one the next time?
  12. Aside from the dent, it is the unevenness of the flap that would keep me from enjoying the bag so personally I would ask for refund. LE or not, it's unacceptable to me. Good luck in your decision.
  13. Thank you chymera! I do hope it turns out fine too..

    From your account, it seems it's unlikely I'd be able to get mine authenticated at the Chanel boutique then.

    Do you know if Australia's Chanel retails at one of the higher prices worldwide? I visited the Chanel boutique in Melbourne the other week and checking the prices it seemed pretty steep, over $5000 for lambskin reissue in large?
  14. The maxi's in the Chanel boutique in Sydney are $5400. Melbourne should be the same. The M/L flap is something like $4600. After the November price increase they should all go up by a few hundred dollars. I don't think I will be ever buying in the Chanel boutiques again.
  15. My gut reaction is that you should be extremely concerned... not only from craftsmanship but of any seller with multiples and issues with receipts, different serial numbers etc.... and claims to have been purchased in Germany but seller is shipping from Thailand? I would absolutely get another professional opinion for authentication. Caroldiva maybe? Personally I would return this bag. Cute as it is. I wish you luck! :smile: