Need help from Chanel experts

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  1. I hope you Chanel experts can help me :sad:

    I have got this plum reissue from 10A. This morning when I opened the box and I have a heart attack!! There are all these creases / wrinkles on the bottom of the reissue. I did not remember I saw them last time I put the bag in the box :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    I stored the bag in the box flat and nothing on top of the box. Does patent leather crease like that? I am really heart broken and wanna cry... Is there anyway to fix it?

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  2. Anyone please? :shocked:
  3. I have 2 reissues in the "distressed" patent leather. Both have them. I believe they came that way. It's supposed to look "vintage".
  4. Smiley thank you sooo much for the response.. I thought only calf skin can be 'distressed'.. So patent can also be distressed too? I am sorry about my ignorance as I am a Chanel newbie... When I looked at it I thought it is the defect of the bag or I am not storing the bag properly..

    So smiley does patent reissue come in distressed and smooth ?
  5. yes dear patent reissue classic flaps come in distressed aged leather as well:smile:
  6. Is the rest of your bag smooth? Did you purchased a smooth patent reissue? Smooth patent leather can become wrinkled/rippling after time and with high humidity.
  7. If you stuff some paper tissue when you store it,it will help keep it shape.

    I have a question too, do you guys all store it flat? I leave it stand up so the bottom wont get wrinkled. Just my opinion though. ^O^
  8. I have this in black and the entire bag is distressed patent. Is it only the bottom that has this?
  9. The 10A Plum was cracked/distressed patent. Your bag is fine.
  10. Yes, I think it is called aged leather. There is the perfectly smooth patent that the classics come in but the reissues came in aged leather both patent and regular leather.
  11. Thanks peaceonearth!!

    Hi mimster.. The rest of my bag is quite smooth.. It is only the bottom has all these wrinkles.. That's why I am so worried if something is wrong with the bag... I am sure it is not humidity because my city is very dry..
  12. Chanelisette and lallybelle, thank you for your input :smile:

    you know reissues have a dent in the middle on the bottom.. When I stored the bag, the bottom leather is smooth when the dent is stick out.. But when I take out the bag and press the bottom to be flat, it is when the wrinkles appear :sad:

    Similar to how the creases show when you open the flap, you will see the creases at the back when the top flap open flat..

    Hope I am not confusing anyone..
  13. Smiley, lallybelle mentioned my 10a is normal because it is distressed patent.. How do you guys tell whether it is aged or normal ? I mean like my bag, the front and back looks normal to me.. It doesn't show wrinkles unless you press your finger against the puff then the wrinkles will show... Or like how I said before the wrinkles don't show on the bottom unless I press the dent and make e bottom flat..

    I am sorry that I ask all these stupid questions..
  14. Hello, I am about to make a purchase on

    It seems a little cheaper price and that makes me worry if this website is selling replicas?

    But the bag comes with authenticity card...can that be fake as well?

    Please help as I am a newbie.
  15. If you look at your leather closely, the whole thing is crinkled. Smooth looks like this ( from a listing on ebay):