Need help from Blue India City owners

  1. So I've just made my first Balenciaga purchase, and it is a Blue India City :yahoo:!!! But since I'm new to this brand, I'm kinda confused with the model, serial number etc to authenticate the realness. I will only get it next week though but I just want to know for you that has it, will the number on the plate, back of the leather, card be the same for all BI City? If so, may I know what are yours?
    I'm so excited to get this bag, I've been lemming for a blue Fendi Spy bag long time ago but glad I waited for this instead :love:.
    Thank you for your help!
  2. I don't think any of us have received a BI City yet. Where did you get yours?
  3. I bought it from a seller here in Indonesia, she sells designer bags from various brands. I asked her where she'll get it from, but she said it's a secret :smile:. I'm guessing Hong Kong since she said shipping will take around 7-10 days. She offer me the BI City and Work. So the City is not available yet in US?
  4. Hmmmm... be sure to post pics when you get it, this doesn't sound good to me. May I ask what she charged you? As far as I've read, the First, Weekender, and Twiggy have hit various stores here but no word of a City. I could definitely be wrong on that but that's my recollection.
  5. I've bought Chloe Edith bag from her before, it looks good to me but I'm not an expert though. My sis and cousin also bought LV and Mulberry bags from her before. She charges me abt US$1,357 for the City. She's a friend of my aunt so if it's a fake I'll surely ask for a refund!!!
  6. Bal Paris has jsut received City (and they already had Weekender / Bowling / Courrier)
    And Printemps had also First and Work:yes: !
  7. Hi Tanja,
    I've read it already but that confused me more :P. Let's just hope that I didn't get a fake one!
  8. fromparis;
    Thanks so much for your post, you just eased my mind I can sleep well tonight!
  9. Seba, this might be nervey of me to say but if she's a friend of your family.. shame on her! Whatever her source is, I'm 99% sure it would have to be fake, especially if she sold it to you for a great price. :sad: I wish you luck... but at least you should have to trouble getting a refund, like you said.
  10. Glimmer;
    Do you mean that $1,357 is cheap for a City? I thought it's cheaper in US? Well I'll have to wait til next week to know for sure, I'll update when I receive it.
  11. OH! I'm so sorry, how did I miss where you stated the price. Things are looking better since that's more than US retail. I'll just keep my fingers crossed for you and look for your pics!
  12. congrats on your new bag...enjoy it...