Need Help From BDJ Owners

  1. Hi everyone. Received my BDJ clutch a couple days ago and the leather has a strong glue-like odor, it gives me a headache. Has anyone experienced this on their new BDJ? Any advice on how I can remove the odor? TIA.
  2. Nope. Mine did not have an odor when I first received it.

    Where did you purchase it from? I think you should return it since the smell is so overwhelming and gives you a headache..

  3. Got it from Saks. Thanks for letting me know. It's my first YSL and I'd love to keep it. But the smell is really bothering me. Oh well, I guess it has to go. :sad:
  4. It is possible that someone sprayed the bag with a water repellent spray and the plastic coating on the patent leather got slightly dissolved and is now releasing fumes ... If it's so bad that it gives you a headache, probably best to return it :sad:
  5. Yes, it is possible. Maybe I should try buying it in person next time as this was an online purchase.