Need help from all "PFforumettes"!

  1. Hello girls,

    hope you understand my English :sweatdrop:
    today my boss told me that in 3 weeks i will have a steady job!!!:party: :wlae: :yahoo:
    So, i want to make a present to myself (i think i deserve it, after 2 years spent in the same working place waiting for the steady job), and i'd love to buy a new bag. But which one? You will help!
    Some infos:
    1) the bag MUST be good quality and last me ages
    2) of course it must be fashionable, but even in 5 years'time
    3) i don't like too much brassware
    4) as it must last and i want to carry it a lot, better to have it in black, brown or any other "natural" color (not pink or green, pls)
    5) don't want any model which can be easily counterfeited
    6) the price...ok, this time i don't want to spend 100 euros, but not even 1000 (i'm considering buying a house). Consider that i live in Italy, so prices are cheaper than USA (to check them, go to Gucci or LV web sites, click on "France", then "shop online", prices are not very different from Italy).

    Some models i really liked: Burberry cinda, Burberry Carina suede, Dior saddle, LV Ellipse, LV cuir Alma and Soufflot, Mulberry Bayswater, many Gucci monogram bags.
    Other to suggest?

    thx in advance
  2. How about Chanel?
  3. Hmmm, love the bayswater and i agree that Chanel will never go out of style.
  4. Another vote for Chanel.....
  5. I vote for an LV bag, timeless and chic.
  6. Congratulations on your new job! LV is classic, but often counterfeited. Chanel in caviar leather would be long-lasting and never out-of-style. Get the one that makes you happiest--sometimes I just know when I see a bag, that it is the ONE for me.

    Good luck!!
  7. Thank you all girls.
    I even was thinking about chanel, classic and the brand absolutely means chic and elegance, not just fashion.
    Do you think I can find something around 600/700 euros? I will check the web.
    For boxermom: yes, many girls wear fake LV and other brands (here in Italy you see loads of people with fake LV, Gucci, Prada...everyone has the same bag, look like sheeps). In fact i was thinking about hardly known models, as Epi. Maybe i win tPF contest and i solve the problem!!
  8. Check out the Coco Cabas :love: on the Chanel sub, they are coming out with a smaller version too soon!:heart:
  9. get a classic gucci in rich guccissima leather. :smile:
  10. An LV monogram speedy is always a classic. For sure you will be able to use it for several years. It's roomy yet not big and reasonably priced too compared to other LV styles. :yes:
  11. I dont really know much about Chanel and their styles, but their signature quilted chain bags (sorry, clueless about the proper name) are a classic and will never go out of style.

    Also, how about LV damier alma? It's also timeless and stylish, fits quite a lot, and is easy to maintain. I dont suggest monogram alma though, since it has a vachetta bottom that can be quite a challenge to keep clean. With damier, the bottom is treated so you dont have to worry about such things.
  12. Ooooo, congrats on the job! How do you feel about Balenciaga?
  13. Don't know so much about Balenciaga, I still have to learn a lot from all you experts...any suggestion in particular? i will check in the forum and in their site!
    Thanks for the congratulations...i'm so happy, having a steady job here in Italy means that you can now buy a house, buy a car, and become indepent from your parents!
  14. i quickly searched for the bag you mentioned; here are my thoughts:

    - Balenciaga: lovely bags but i'm afraid to get tired of it
    -LV Damier: i'm not very into it, but i must admit i fell in love with Papillon (far better than mono), even though i prefer epi the most;
    -Chanel: i used to think that wearing a Chanel made you look like a granny, instead i found in the Chanel sub plenty of girls wearing their reissues with jeans and they looked faboulous indeed:heart:. i liked the cambon, too.
  15. i would say a balenciaga work or lv speedy.
    btw, congrats on yout job :P