Need help from all of you in the UK!!

  1. Hi guys - I am looking for a large black Smithfield - not the patent leather, but the regular Darwin (or Natural?) one. The large size in black never came to us here in the US... I called Mulberry in New York and they said they could check for me but they were pretty sure it is in the UK.

    Have any of you seen this bag at any of your stores or maybe your outlets? If so, which store and do you know how much it is? The large Oak is $559 here right now on sale - but my #1 choice would be black.

    ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED! I am hoping the UK shops will ship internationally! New York said they would have to charge me full price for a special order... even if it is on sale in the UK!:tdown:

    Thanks everyone!!

  2. Mulberry Atlantic City has one in red..... Don't you need a red bag? Sounds lovely!! Buy, buy, buy!! Am I enabling you??
  3. LOL... if I actually bought bags out of sheer necessity (who does that?!?) then I would never own any of these lovely Mulberries! I love the red but am looking for classic in this case, so black is in the cards. Atlantic City can get me Oak in the large so if I can't find black, I will definitely get the Oak... red is really pretty but I think it would not get as much use for me as the others!
  4. Just trying to help!! hehe I have found Atalantic City to be really nice and helpful! I don't blame you on the color though. I always stick to basics, but then I am rather boring. Good luck!!
  5. I don't recall seeing black ones in the sale, although I may have missed them, sadly I'm not near an outlet so I'm no help I'm afraid, but I'm sure someone will be along that can give you some advice :yes: Good luck on your search :heart:
  6. Appreciate the help to all of you, thanks! Keep me posted if you see one!
  7. Wheres chaz?she`s one to help the overseas tpf ladies out??