Need help from a Fendi expert!!

  1. Hi guys,
    I have quite a few fendi bags. LOve :heart:Love :heart:LoVE :heart:my petrol spy... but I definitely don't consider myself an expert when it comes to authenticity questions.

    Help me out- my friend told me that if the hologram sticker inside the fendi bag comes off (meaning it was stuck on the tag like a sticker), that means the bag was fake? The hologram is supposed to actually be attached? Is this true, plus there isn't a hologram on all fendi bags of the past, correct? Because honestly I only remember seeing one on my spy. I hope I don't have to start freaking out..:sad:
    Is she right about the hologram?

    I had no idea what the answer was and I knew my girls at the tpf would give me an answer in no time.:tup::tup:

    TIA ladies......:smile::smile:
  2. you should really ask questions about authenticity in the "authenticate this" thread