Need help!! Fraud!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    My friend sold a purse recently on ebay. She did everything perfect, sent the purse out a couple days later. Well, the buyer contacted her and accused her of selling a fake! And is now demanding a refund. She is so upset and doesn't know what to do. She has vowed to stop selling on ebay. She has never had this problem before and even closed down her paypal account and is trying to close her ebay account because she doesn't want anyting to do with ebay anymore. She has not written back to the buyer, and got another email from the buyer threatening to go to the police if she doesn't give a refund immediately. The buyer is obviously trying to scam her because she sent an authentic bag, and is afraid if she agrees to refund, the buyer will send her a fake!

    What should she do?
  2. this is a tricky one :hrmm: but i wouldnt worry too much if i were you i would probably get her to contact ebay first and try and get some proof that the bag she sent was real. try and get the photos off the ebay page and print them off. other than that offer a refund but only after you receive the bag back and make sure its yours. thats all i can think of sorry :smile: good luck. let us know what happens.
  3. Her closing everything down and avoiding the situation justs makes her look guilty IMO.
    She should respond at least. Even if she tells them they can't return it.
  4. ^perhaps you can post the auction in the corresponding forum and let the girls authenticate it. Make sure to refer the buyer there so they can see. If the buyer is still unhappy, then have the buyer send back the bag before refunding it.
  5. Absolutely have your friend respond as Swanky said...Thithi also has a great point. She can't just give up everything and avoid the situation. She needs to take action to ensure that this person doesn't take advantage of her.
  6. First off tell your calm down and take a deep breath...she did nothing wrong and she needs to start believing in herself and the item she sold. She needs her wits about her..acting too qucikly and closing down the very accounts that will help to prove her case will only make it more difficult in the en. So far she's only closed down her paypal accunt..she can always re-open another one. If she does the same with her eBay account then she really is defeating herself.

    Do you think this idiot who is so obviously trying to defruad and scare her is really going to call the police??? C'mon..what proof does he really have...I so doubt they what to get invovled anyway. As a seller at eBay she must have some positive references and transactions on her account..she needs to inform eBay about this..also needs to research the buyer and his history. Call him on in...and remember to tell her to keep it calm and civil..even though sdhe may not feel like it.

    Does she have any proof the bag she sent was an original?'s..people that have seen it and know it was an authentic bag..stuff like that. Worse case basically comes down to her word against his..the history of a persons dealings on eBay will go a long way for them if positive. He could well switch the bag for a fake..but really..who would go so out of their way as to try and find an identical fake bag? I predict he will drop his accusation.

    But she must go through the right and proper steps..eBay has a whole section for this type of stuff..tell her to start now..and to not be afraid..she did nothing wrong if she sent an original Chanel bag.

    Good luck.

  7. ^^ I agree 100%
  8. She needs to make contact with the buyer too and calm her down. She should say that indeed her bag is authentic, and see why the buyer believes that the bag is fake. Most of the time communication is key between buyer and seller. As a next step, she could ask the seller to take the bag to a boutique for her peace of mind or ask her to authenticate it with (She could offer to pay for the $5 authentication fee.) Hopefully she can calm the buyer's nerves. Best of luck!
  9. :confused1: she never said it was a Chanel bag. . . .weird. . . .
  10. Ummm...there are people out there dedicated to bait and switch on Ebay, it makes them money...just like there are people who sit on the end of a computer all day and send out thousands of unsolicited emails.:shrugs:
    It happens!:yes:

    Dealing with it when it happens is half the battle.

    It's a case of one word against another. All she can do is sit tight, keep all her evidence - which in this case, will be her pictures, and go through all the proper channels.
    Don't give in to any threats - she has done nothing wrong so has nothing to prove, except for her innocence.
    Deleting any of her accounts is really not going to help at all either...stand firm!

    A tip for selling bags is to ALWAYS tag them, or mark them in some way so that you will know if it has been tampered with. I use luggage tags...if someone has picked at it, i'd know about it.

    I wish your friend all the best. xx :yes:
  11. ^^ And she never said the buyer was a HE, did she??? Why assume the buyer is a HE??? :wondering

    Anyway, good luck to your friend.
  12. I had this same problem recently. I know for a fact that when I sent out an authentic item because I purchased it from a boutique myself. This is what I did. I told the buyer to send me proof that the item I sent was not authentic. They can try mypoupette to get something authenticated. Have them go to a boutique and tell them you want the person that they spoke to that told them it was not real. I ended up refunded my buyer the majority of their money, but I kept listing fees and shipping costs. The items was not that expensive and I just agreed to do it to get the person to go away. But only after I got the item back first with security tag attached. Now I don't feel so alone with my drama. I hope it works out for your friend.
  13. Thanks for all the help! I'll pass the information onto her! :yes:
  14. That IS weird - and the posters first and only post. Odd. :confused1:
  15. yeah, and she's an "OLD NEWBIE"? whatever.