Need help... Four day trip what to take?

  1. Hi guys.. I found out im going out of the country exact date i still dont know maybe Sept or Oct. but i need a bag to take (luggage) . I want a carry on . I'll be gone just 4 days. so u might say a weekend bag... I have the MC keepall i think its too small.. Please help give me ideas... I have a few months to save money Help thanks... Oh i got these two pics from Let-trade and from 2nd-handbag. what do u guys think?? Also does anyone own the Damier Ribera GM?? That sounds like a good one.. Thanks again. [​IMG]
  2. For week long trips I take a Keepall 55. The Alize is quite nice to travel with also.
  3. Does any one Travel here??? JUst one person can help???
  4. i like the keepall but it might be bit heavy when its full, thats always put me off those kind of bags. how about a pegasse?
  5. I would go to a keepall 55 or 60 with shoulder strap. That's what I use everytime I go out. I carry it as hand luggage (and put all fluids and liquids in a small case to check in). It fits just about everything (except large jackets and some winter clothes). For me it is the best handheld luggage. The Alizees are cute too, but since I'm a guy I preffer something simpler!
  6. i have the ribera and love it as a carry all, as a matter of fact, i only use that and the mc keepall. Those are not too big nor too small. How bout trying to minimise space by rolling your clothes for travel? And socks in shoes. It helps with the wrinkles and crease as well. =)
  7. Do u mind showing me some pics??? Please I would love to see the Ribera GM ..... THanks all for answering ...
  8. maybe I just lug too much stuff, but the Ribera GM would not hold enought for me.
  9. Hey, i don't have it with me now, i'm overseas and did not bring it with me. I'll be home in 2 weeks. Will post then, if i fail to do it, do pm me alright? Enjoy planning. =)