Need help for work bag~yes it's a poll again^_^

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Which LV is good for work?

  1. Batignolles Vertical

  2. Damier Sac Plat

  3. Marelle Sac a Dos

  4. Mono Lockit Vertical

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Here i am again, relying on my trusty TPFer's valuable opinions~:yahoo:
    New job starts on 22, but i can't wait to get a 'Work bag'-best excuse for another LV!:shame: Need something that can hold A4 binder/folder, agenda, wallet, phone (Nokia 7610, soon to be N 95:graucho: ), small cosmetic bag comfortably. Dress code is Business Casual.

    Personal prefrence is handheld, b/c i have narrow shoulders so need to constanly pull up the strap (had horrible experience! Was talking and walking to office w/Mr. Manager, the strap of my loaded tote slipped off the shoulder AND revealed my bright colored bra strap from my cap sleeve shirt:yucky:, of course people around me all gasped, kept professional face, but it was the topic of lunch that day:cursing: ), also i dislike how loaded tote creases my shirt, made it look as if someone dragged me by shoulder.......I am open for new or pre-loved, if you think there's other choices i missed out, please feel free to suggest them~
  2. How about the epi passy? It's beautiful and handheld!
  3. Out of those choices, I would vote for the BV. Congrats on your new job.
  4. I had to look all but the mono lockit up, as I'm still learning the styles. I think the Marelle Sac a Dos is classy...I love, love it.
  5. I tried that in the store and it's a bit on the heavy side for me, but thanks for the suggestion~:flowers:
  6. I would say the Damier Sac Plat- it's handheld, like you want, and it's big enough to hold the stuff you need. Also Damier just looks so classy and goes with everything :smile:
  7. damier sac plat
    very beautiful and professional
  8. thanks! anyone else? i'd appreciate if you will leave a short comment of why you choose the one you vote :smile:
  9. I say the lockit, it looks perfect for work :yes:
  10. Damier Sac Plat is great for files and very elegantly professional.
  11. My eyes went straight to the Marelle as it's a bag you don't see everyday but I also think the Sac Plat is gorgeous.
  12. I pick the Sac Plat. Damier is understated, perfect for work, and it can hold A4 folders.
  13. i plan to get the Damier Sac Plat for work too :nuts:! it looks so professional and classy
  14. Of the ones that you listed I'd say a Sac Plat in Damier. I started off as being a total monogram girl... Now, I love vernis and am beginning to explore a couple pieces in Damier. It's nice, understated and less common.

    Another one that would fit the criteria for being handheld is the Vandam in bronze. Aaaaaahhhhhh, that's such a nice, feminine briefcase. It's not everyone's style but I sure love it! It's beautiful and it has a cellphone pocket on the inside! It would be so cool if it came in RED!

    Good luck with your decision. Please let us know which one you decide to purchase and why.
  15. It looks like Damier Sac Plat is the clear winner in this one! ;)