Need help for the new seasonal flap bags! Which one can be carried cross body!

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  1. Hi dear Chanel ladies, I would like to know if any of you owns either of following 2 new seasonal Chanel flap bags. Flap bag #1. Style#: A92088 Y25681 $2,900. Flap bag #2. Style#: A92087 Y25681 $2,600. I would like to know which of them can be carried cross body? I checked with the local Chanel store, but the store does not carry it, so the SA lady was not sure the length of the straps of those 2 bags. Thank you for the help.:smile:

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  2. If I recall correctly the length of the chain is similar to a m/l flap, so depends on your height if you can wear it cross body or not. I think anyone taller than 5'6" it's going to look a little weird.
  3. Thank you so much for the info. Do both sizes of flap bags have same length straps? I'm 5'5" the strap is kind of short for me to carry my m/l flap cross body. It's why I'm checking if one of those 2 flaps can be carried cross body.

  4. I'm almost sure it's the same size as a m/l
  5. Thank you for the confirmation.:smile:
  6. Hmm I'm not sure which size my SA showed me, sorry. I think the only bag Chanel carries that looks nice as a cross body is the WOC and mini. The other bags always look too long and boxy when against the hip, jmho.
  7. Lovelvburberry,
    where did you see these flap from? I'm also looking for one in blue, do you mind giving me your SA info. TIA
  8. I saw that from I've not get any chance to see them in any store in person yet. I called both Saks and my local Chanel store, but both stores don't carry them. However, you can call your local Chanel store to check if they carry them. Good luck for searching. I've not check with my local NM store yet! I really would like to see them in person before I buy it because need to check if one of them can be carry cross body. I'll let you know if I see any.:smile:
  9. How were you able to see prices on ??
  10. I was wondering about the same. But both bags look lovely with the vintage looking ghw!
  11. By clicking on the bag, then it will show the information of the bag n the price as well.
  12. Hi dear Nico_79, May I know which store did u go? Maybe I can call n check for the bag. Thank u.:smile:
  13. I have tried this on In store in small and it sat just above the hip when worn crossbody, I'm 5.4. Some members here have this bag and I have commented on someone who worn it crossbody cos she looked good with it, sorry I can't remember whom and can't find the post.
  14. I saw it in Paris during Christmas last year.
    It's a gorgeous bag, M/L size
  15. It was the stand alone boutique on Bloor St, they have one pink one left on display when I was there last Friday.