Need help for next purchase- Eva or Speedy B 25

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  1. I am currently carrying a mono NF GM that I love! I want to get something smaller as my grab and go bag. Something handsfree that I can use when I don't need all my "extras" in the NF GM.

    Thanks to all you LV lovers I have narrowed it down to a speedy B 25 or Eva which one should I choose and why?!?!
  2. It depends on how much you decide you need to carry. The Speedy B 25 can carry a LOT more than the Eva...
  3. In these instances I wouldn't need to carry much. Money, a bit a makeup, keys, phone....

    Or i guess I could just keep using my pouchette.....Maybe i'm just looking for excuses to buy something else! Eep!
  4. If you buy the eva, you could also use it in your neverfull gm. I have read some people like to just pull out there eva from their larger bag and use it crossbody.
  5. Right now I’m using my pochette with Eva strap. I use it a lot more than Eva, I should have bought the strap alone, oh well, Eva is still nice to have, but in this case I think Speedy B would be more useful. gld
  6. What makes you choose your pouchette over your Eva????? I was also considering just buying the strap for my pouchette.....
  7. With what you said you would carry...The eva sounds perfect for you!!!! And you can use the eva so many ways!!!
  8. Speedy b 25.

    I say this only because Eva is small and limiting. I can't put sunglasses and case in an Eva, but the small 25 B would be perfect.
  9. I know right, isn't it crazy? :biggrin:
    Eva is definitely prettier and classier, it's perfect for going to the movies, dinner, shopping etc... But lately all I do is work and drive the kids to their activities, I throw my pochette into my work bag without worrying about scratching Eva's plate, and to pick up the kids from school the pochette with cross body strap is simple, uncomplicated, casual and the perfect size.

    I'm liking the pochette so much I've been considering buying the new bigger pochette in ebene and maybe sell my Eva, but I'm still thinking about it. I think I'll use it a lot around the holidays, maybe I make those moves next year.

    If you go out a lot get Eva so you can show it off, otherwise the pochette with strap is very convenient. I think I saw pics of someone using Speedy B strap with their pochette, it didn't look bad in the pics, gotta try it sometime...sorry for the long post I've been obsessing over this for the last few weeks :biggrin:
  10. You could use your pochette, but I have to be an enabler here and suggest the Eva :love: It's just so pretty!