Need HELP for my SEARCH worldwide please !!!

  1. To to the girls all around the world :love: :

    I am desperately looking for a

    BLUE INDIA PURSE (f/w '06),

    wherever you are located, do you know a shop that has one, or have you seen one in a shop during the past months? I am not asking anybody to buy one for me, I am just asking you to help me locate one, so that I can contact the shop :s :shame: !? PLEASE !!
    I really appreciate your help and support :yes: THANK YOU very much in advance :flowers: :tender: :heart:

    The picture is from 'danae' - it's not mine !
  2. Have you tried BalNY? They had a few purses left when I rang them 2 weeks ago...
  3. Yes my dear monsoon... - a very nice friend has done this for me, but they said that they didn't ordered the Blue India Purse :s
  4. I contacted all the Bal stores in November, none had ordered the BI purse...I also tried Selfridges and Harrods-negative. LVR-negative.Aloha Rag-negative. Maybe you could ask at Barney's, NM... Since they are very big chain boutiques it could help.
    And keep checking out eBay... you never know!!! Someone must have bought all these purses, they can't be extinct on their own!
  5. ohh i hope u find one... i'll keep my eye out at Holt Renfrew :biggrin:
  6. i'll try my best, but so far, i never seen it anywhere on my reach :sad:

    be tough girl :yes: it'll come to u someday
  7. danae, where did you manage to find yours? Lucky girl...:smile:
  8. I found it from cult status in Australia... Paid something like 300$ for customs alone though....
  9. Apparently not one retailer in the US ordered this style in this color, so I don't think NM would have it... and my experience with dept stores has been that often they have no idea what the colors and styles are, so calling up asking for something called "Purse" that was one of a million Blues that Bal made is an exercise in frustration.
    I will keep my eyes open for you, Firstclass! do not lose hope!
  10. Boy, is that true! I called a few places in the U.S. to ask about purses and most of them had NO clue what I was even talking about. I think the term 'purse' was confusing to them because in their mind, they are ALL purses. And when they have never heard of this style, you get a lot of 'Are you SURE this is the name"? Frustrating!
  11. There is a Blue India Day bag on ebay. It is stunning! Of course, it's not a Purse but I love the Day style so it really caught my eye.
  12. Oh first..."I" I really hope you find one soon! I'll have a look round too but it seems danae already tried the stores in London. Will keep my eyes open!
  13. Good luck with your search first! You might want to try calling Cricket Liverpool in the UK. Here is their number [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]0151 227 4645. ;)
  14. I got that when I was asking about a Pale Pink "Purse" for you at Cosmo Shoes...

    I even sent them some pics of a Purse, and the colour in a Twiggy that I was looking for...

    Then I sent them the naff website for their 'reference'
  15. oh tough one. blue india is pretty rare color as is, and to combine that with the purse style? i think danae probably snatched the only one on earth, just kidding!!! i've never seen one of these ever in person. will keep an eye out for ya tho!!