need help for my next purchases

  1. hi folks,

    i need your help for my next purchases ;)

    1. Damier pochette cle for men !

    i already have the black epi cle (my first LV purchase) it's clipped on a black messenger bag and it look perfect (very classic) -> love it :P

    i want a second cle to hang on an dark red/brown bag and i'm on the fence between the ebene or azur damier cle, not sure if the azur one will be OK for a man ? :shrugs:

    2. my next everyday bag !

    my first choice was the naviglio but i already have 2 messenger bag so i want to change in term of shape.

    i was thinking about the black tobago or utah carryall (saw them in store, tryed them and it was ok but make me look to be on travel)

    i just saw the vaslav damier, love the shape and love even more the pattern and the material and it's a little smaller then the carryall.

    So what to you think ?
    i'm afraid to look like a guy with an oversized lady purse.

    it will be OK if i decide to go to a fitness club on a daily basic (will tell to co-worker i need a big bag to pack shoes and fitness outfit) but that's an another affair :sweatdrop:

    when my choice will be done, i'll need to find what to hang on the bag :yahoo:

    3. Agenda PM

    same dilema :yes:

    - canelle or moka epi ?
    - azur or ebene damier ?
    - groom ?

    OMG ... it's hard to choose !

    Please HELP ME :confused1:
  2. Sell one of your messengers, and get the Naviglio!!
    It's awesome! :love:
  3. Damier cles in ebene

    Tobago carryall - any color, just gorgeous

    Agenda - epi - moka
  4. do you actually hang a pochette cles outside your bag like a charm? i personally think that's even less masculine than carrying an oversized bag :s but that's just me.

    go for the Carryall in either Tobago or Utah :yes:
  5. Damier cles in ebene

    Tobago rocks!

    Agenda Damier in ebene