Need help for my new chanel

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  1. hi ladies, i need help, i got my first chanel small boy 19c 3 days ago, its actually an exchange from a mini flap. So here’s my problem, when i checked carefully the bag at home, i found some flaws. I inserts some photos. My question is the sa told me that its final sale, should i bring the bag to the store and ask them if they could do something about it. Thanks in advance.
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  2. Here’s the dent on the top part of the bag.
  3. It is unfortunate that your exchanged bag has some flaws. If you are able to exchange it again, I would do so. The slight indentations on the seam would bug me. It never ceases to amaze me that the dented quilts on these boys are sold to customers. I was looking at a few boy bags a couple of months ago and was shocked that 'dented quilts' was perfectly acceptable to be sold on the floor. The price tag on these bags are over $5k and I would expect pretty much near perfect condition.
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  4. I agree, i sent message to my sa and haven’t heard from her yet, im planning to bring the bag to store today. Hoping they would do exchange even they said its final sale.
  5. I'd give it a try. If you are buying new in the store, it should be almost perfect imo!
  6. We paid such amount of money. We deserve perfect products. Try to exchange in store.
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  7. Were you able to exchange the bag OP?
  8. Yes i brought the bag to the store and when other SA looked at the dent of the bag they said the dent is not supposed to be there in the first place, so i got to exchange it to small classic flap and its perfect.
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  9. Wow that’s so cool. May I ask if you are within certain return period
  10. Yes i did returned the bag after 4 days when I purchased it even though it was final sale.
  11. what do you mean with final sale? coz i have this classic chanel flap in size small I got as an exchange for my mini rectangular in lambskin. but i am in doubt with my classic small as I cant use it as crossbody. so Im planning to return and exchange it with boy bag.
  12. My SA didn’t really explained what final sale means, she just told me that it was final sale after i exchanged my mini into small boy bag even in my receipt says final sale. So i assumed i can't exchange again if ever.
    But when i found some flaws in my small boy, i brought the bag back to the store and they let me exchange it to small classic flap. I guess its worth a try to contact your SA.
  13. Ok thanks for your reply. I texted my SA but no response yet. I called directly to the store and he said I can still exchange it. But unfortunately they dont have the boy in caviar. Are you happy with your chanel classic small flap? I havent use mine yet, I am worried I wouldnt use it much as I am more in crossbody bag.
  14. Definitely love the small classic flap, Im petite about 5ft, and im using it as crossbody more than shoulder bag, I’ve seen other people using it as crossbody and its super cute.
  15. Can you pls attach photo here as crossbody? would love to see how it looks. thanks