Need Help for my lecture tomorrow....

  1. So tomorrow is the first day of classes that I have to teach. I am doing the general read the syllabus stuff, but am also planning on doing a quick little 'How psychology relates to everyday life'.

    So if you could tell me....when you hear the word psychology...what is the first thing/person/event/item/object that pops into your head?

    **I'm biased but mine is Freud**
  2. marketing. ;)
  3. Ohhhhhh thanks Shimma!!!! I didn't even think of that angle....this is great!

    What I am planning on doing is showing some pictures of everyday things (Lilo's mug shot, Britney's shaving her head) and how psychology can answer questions such as 'Why do these girls drink and drive?' 'What is postpartum depression?', etc.

    And marketing is great! Ohhhh...I'm gonna surf around and try to find some neat looking ads to use as examples!
  4. I think the two greatest consumer product-related marketing coups in modern times are deBeers bringing the bride-price back, and a whole slew of companies persuading consumers to be walking billboards bearing the company logo on their very clothing.

    And if you want to get into the darker and institutional side of marketing, you can just turn on CNN and show them this:

  5. I love first days! What level is the class you are teaching? Is it just a general psych class?

    Btw, my first thought when I hear psychology is of education/school psychology. Which is no surprise considering I teach and my best friend at work is the school psychologist!
  6. U should talk to JILLYBEAN...LOL.....she is having similiar issues....
  7. Shimma- I just have to say I love all your posts!
  8. Hmmm...I think of a job interview!
    I'm helping my brother find a job and luckily, he has an interview on Thurs. He was telling me this afternoon how he has to 'sell himself' to 3 people and he is not nervous.

    Good luck tomorrow!:smile:
  9. Zimbardo's standford prison experiment. I find it a very interesting topic!
  10. i was reading your post, and an image of Lillith just popped in my head. (you know, from Cheers)

    i love her, i always think of psychologists or was she a pshychiatrist...and i picture her with the bun and the glasses...then turning into a hottie at home.

    i know i didn't help, but hope you have a great day!
  11. LOL, I'm doing my lesson plan right now too, Twiggers!

    My ice breaker question is, "Why are you studying Russian?"

    When I think psychology, I think Freud & id, ego & super ego.

    Good luck tomorrow!
  12. Thanks everyone!!!

    ^^^^Thanks Jilly! Good luck with yours too :smile:
    Mine has to be quick...maybe 10 minutes tops or I'll lose I wanna let them out early on the first day

    So far I have mugshots of Lilo, Paris, Nicole as examples of addiction/effects of alcohol on the brain/driving ability

    Eating disorders: pics of Angelina

    Depression: Britney shaving head

    Pregnancy/developmental psych: Nicole pregnant

    Parenting & attachmentL Family pics of Brangelina

    And I'm adding Amy Winehouse and hubby as examples of marital conflict!

    Oh and also a pic of Manson for serial killers!

    They will all just be quick get them thinking about the things they see everyday!
  13. I always think of consumer behavior ... probably because I work in advertising!
  14. I think of experimental psych, ala Pavlov's dog.

    Jilly, a fun thing would be to have them learn their "Russian" names, and how the names look in Cyrillic. Might be a little time consuming if it's a large class, though. I'm also assuming this is a first year course. Heh.