Need help for my first SO (also my first H bag)

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  1. I still can't believe I was offered an opportunity to place a SO. Need your help on leather choices.

    Last Saturday, my lovely SA showed me the color chart. For a SO, there were so many choices which made my head dizzy and my heart pounding. I felt I was like a kid in a candy store.

    At end, I chose electric blue in togo as exterior and tosca in chevre as interior. It's a birkin 35!

    However, a few days later after the store submitted my SO, Paris came back saying tosca in chevre is not available. I am going to the store again tomorrow to pick up a color for interior. My SA suggesteed a pink color from new season on the phone. I will have to check it out tomorrow.

    Now I feel I am given a second chance to re-think my previous choice. I am happy with the colors, but have been wondering if I should have picked Chevre for exterior instead of togo.

    Do you think electric blue on Chevre is more vibrant than on togo? There was no Chevre swatch in this color in the store, so I have no idea. Please share your experience.

    I am a big fan of RT, but it's not offered on togo and chevre. Do you think it's a good combo - exterior in chevre or togo and interior in epsom?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated. I am going to the store tomorrow. Thank you!:lol:
  2. Chevre is not available in 35, just sizes up to 30, so that may influence your decision. If you're looking for a 35B, I think Togo is a lovely choice, sturdy, wears well, and softens over time. Also all interiors are in chevre, to the best of my knowledge. GL with your choices!
  3. Thanks for the info. That's good to know. I guess I have to go with togo for exterior and chevre for inteerior.
  4. Congratulations! That's awesome. How much did you have to spend at Hermes before you were offered one? Thanks