need help for my first designer bag

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  1. hi there.. i joined this forum because obviously i love bag. but i never bought expensive bags before eventhough i can afford it or can save up to have one. i usually buy guess, nine west or baby phat.
    but i realized that every time i see bags like hermes, gucci or LVs... i froze!!! now i want to start to collect them. last week i bought a gucci wallet to begin with.
    i want to buy also a handbag but i don't know which one to get first. I want to have the LV Neverfull MM but currently here in Dubai its very hot. They said its not good to expose the canvas when its hot. I always spend like 2 hours outside restaurants during Friday to have brunch buffet with friends.
    Do you think the neverfull mm damier will be okay with the heat or what other handbags do you suggest? thanks..
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    Damier NF will be a great starter designer bag. I'm not sure on the extent of damage if LVs are exposed to the Dubai weather. AFAIK, there're many women in Dubai who used LV bags.

    Why not take a look at the different forums here from Chanel to Mulberry and etc? You may fall in love with a certain brand and certain styles and will start planning on collecting them instead of specifically just going after a "designer bag".:smile: It's good to load up your knowledge about different brands and styles.

    From there, it'll be easy for you to figure out what bag you're exactly looking for. Then, maybe after listing down a few choices here, it'll be much easier for us to help you to choose.:yes:

    :welcome2: to TPF.
  3. Welcome fellow TPFer!!! :happydance:

    Before I start giving you suggestions let me ask you a few questions first: You age range, your personal style, your lifestyle- school student, work, hang with friends mainly, etc., do you want a bag that is an all around bag or something more specific towards your lifestyle?
  4. I agree with IFFAH. I'd also think first of what kind of design really inspires me. When I buy bags I think specifically of what clothing the bag will look good with and how I want it to work in my wardrobe.

    LVs are very classic and work with a lot, though :smile:
  5. Take your time - don't hurry and choose a bag you like that you would buy regardless of the label
  6. wenndmd, must be nice to be out in the sun with friends all the time! :biggrin:
    The LV damier would be a good choice then as it's less maintenance and you don't have to worry about sun exposure. Try out the Neverful at the store and put the normal stuff that you carry and see how it feels on the shoulder. For me, the strap tends to dig into my shoulder (thin straps) if I carry too much in it.
  7. Buy what you love and suits your lifestyle.
  8. If its your first, make it count. Make sure you do your research and make sure its really the one you want. :smile: I used to live in a tropical country, too. I'm from Manila and people there use Neverfulls, other LVs and it's fine. The temp rises up to 100 degrees as well. Even more on dire days!!! Goodluck!!! :smile:
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    Hey, I just got a Gucci small Joy Boston on sale for $299 from (my avatar is the color I chose) I'm excited about it! This is my 1st really high-end brand Dooney was my 1st "high-end" brand many yrs ago (when I was in the 4th grade!) & Coach was my 1st high end brand since I started craving them again. I think LV is king! It will surely be fine, if it wasn't good quality & durable eneough to be passed down from generations then Louis Vuitton would'nt be so darn expensive right? I don't own one (yet) I would think it would definitley be fine. I've never had a prob with canvas or coated canvas. & I'm outside alot in the Texas heat shopping, lunching ect. (it's been averaging 100 degrees or more here where I'm at & humid. :P
  10. Ooh great discount you got there. They've been having sales for a while now. By the time you're 25 [I'm assuming you're younger] you'd have a huge collection already. :biggrin:
  11. LOL!:lol: I AM 25!-however, I just look & act younger! I just recently, got a "hankering" for high quality handbags (about 2 yrs. ago after my son was born I bought a $200 python & tooled leather tassle bag by Shariff) & my appetite for them is growing FAST! I can't beleive it! So far I own 1 Coach (purchased it last month) & this 1 Gucci (can't wait to receive it)! I'd have alot more bags I'm sure but, I have a passion for Fancy-colored diamonds. The bag fettish is catching up to my diamond obsession though, Hmmm... wonder which one will win over my wallet more? :thinking:
  12. I was pretty close with the age guessing thing. :smile:)

    You can still have your diamond fetish.... :smile:

    I buy designer bags ALWAYS on sale.
    During the holidays, they always have huge discounts.
    And then my BF helps me out with free shipping coupons,
    up to 30% off coupons, etc!!!

    I have Fendis, and Ferragamos under $500. I just make sure
    I do my research and then have it authenticated afterwards.

    Let me know. Keep us posted!!! :smile:)
  13. im originally from pasig and some of my friends are LV lovers that is why i got into it. thanks!
  14. hi there! thanks for your help. i did look for other brands but i think they are not for me. some look too professional or formal. i like the sophisticated/elegant look but simple look of LVs.
  15. I think the LV neverfull is a great first bag. It can be dressed up or down and is very practical. LV also generally have great customer service around the world.

    I like that the neverfull can be worn on the shoulder. I am waiting for the day that they offer the mon monogram service on neverfulls!