Need help for Miu Miu Coffer...Anybody saw "plum" IRL???

  1. Hi...

    I'm thinking abt getting Coffer bag. I've visited styledrops and wonder abt "Plum" color.

    Anybody has seen this color before? How does it look like? Has it got "violet" undertone?:confused1:

  2. i've seen it recently. to me, it looked like a very very dark shade of brown, almost black, with just a hint of aubergine tone. so no, i don't think i wld say it has much "violet" undertone.

    perhaps some of the other girls who's seen it can help?
  3. I saw it two days ago.

    if you do not look from closely,you might say it is black or very dark has a just "hint" of a you can use it with everything

    I am also between black one to plum one

    it looks sum up it's not violet-violet,it is more like black/dark brown-violet
  4. I personally think it looks very brown with a slight plum undertone to it. It looks like a very dark brown imo.
  5. ^^^^ i agree with noon. i thought that it looked like a dark brown and only in certain lighting could i see the plum undertone - very pretty
  6. Many thanks ladies. Tht really helps me:tup:
  7. i was thinking of getting a plum coffer, too... it does look very pretty. but i decided to get the chocolate bow first! pls share ur pic if u do get it :amuse:
  8. I just bought this bag - will post pics later.

    I was thinking of buying the bow bag in black, or coffer in white or black, but the "plum" colour got me :p

    At first, I did think it was brown but then you realise it has this beautiful tone of violet. I think it will go with anything and you can wear it any time of day.

    Forgot to mention, I think the picture up on style drops looks more black.
  9. Here are my pictures (sorry its blurry).
    miu1.jpg miu2.jpg miu3.jpg miu4.jpg miu5.jpg
  10. Very pretty! It does initially look brown but you can see the violet soon after. Another color contender!
    Enjoy your new bag!
  11. love your new bag!
  12. wow, its very pretty, the plum!!!
  13. what a beauty!! Great color!
  14. your bag is sooo pretty! :drool:
  15. Silverstar, looks great :tup:. What a gorgeous Coffer!!