Need help for color of balenciaga city

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  1. Hello ladies and gents. So I posted the exact same question in bal forum. But hey, why not post here as well So I’ve been thinking to add balenciaga city metallic edge to my collection. But not too sure about the color. I’m thinking maybe either gris acier, bordeaux, gris taupe, or beige. I’ll add a collage pic of bags that I currently have so that you could see what color would compliment my collection. I would also add pics of bal city colors that I’m thinking. But any other color advice would be appreciated. TIA ❤️

    My current bag collection (exact type and color)

    Bal city color that I’ve been thinking:


    Gris Acier

    Beige Latte (?)

    Gris Taupe
  2. My personal favorite of the colors you've posted is gris acier, but bordeaux looks like a color you could use, being different from everything else in your collection.
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  3. Bordeaux because it’s so different then what you have in your collection.
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  4. thank you for the response ❤️ Bordeaux is indeed a great option. Do you guys think it’s neutral enough? I love the color, but afraid that it might be too bold for such a big bag.
  5. Bordeaux or Beige Latte. I'd say Bordeaux is a pseudo-neutral. Not technically a neutral, but can easily be treated as one.
  6. Bordeaux
  7. Gris acier.