Need help for Agenda


Which one is the nicest ??? Need help for Agenda

  1. Koala Agenda PM in Pink

  2. Koala Agenda PM in Orange

  3. Vernis Agenda PM in Pomme

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  1. I cnt make decision

    Koala agenda PM in Pink
    Koala agenda PM in Mandarin
    Vernis Agenda PM in Pomme

    Pls vote ..

    p10943205_ph_hero.jpg p10943205_ph_althero_Mandarin.jpg
  2. what wallet do you have?
  3. if you have a mono wallet, I would get the vernis agenda. If you have a vernis wallet, I would get the koala wallet in probably the orange color.
  4. i use koala damier wallet now. but i am waiting Bilfold dentelle.
    i dnt mind if not matching
  5. Koala pink!
  6. I would do the vernis in pomme. Will look cute with your koala wallet.
  7. I just bought a mono koala agenda in mandarin two weeks ago. I absolutely love it! Before I went to the store, I had the pink color in mind, but after I saw it I think the color is too light, the SA agreed and said the pink color might show more wear overtime. Pink color is pretty, but I personally think it is a little too feminine. The mandarin color is more professional looking. But, it's just my opinion.
  8. orange
  9. I don't like the koala clasp. It scratches very easily. I selected the Pomme, it's more eye-catching.
  10. vernis!
  11. I vote for pomme!!
  12. Pomme!
  13. Vernis Pomme Agenda! Seen quite a few pics around here, they are all so gorgeous!
  14. Pomme all the way... I am really starting to fall for vernis pieces
  15. I would get the Koala In Pink bc i got it and iwas debating just like you. And its such a beauty! And i dont know if is true but when i went to buy it they told me they are LE so i dont know some SA are out of it and dont know much. but I bought the Rose one bc when i saw the orange and the rose togethere the Rose one looked so beautiful . Good Luck !