Need help for a picture

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  1. I'm trying to copy & paste the Lockit Suhali MM blue from the site but it's impossible... I need that pic to show it to my husband my mother and some friends... nobody's knows how to have that picture?
  2. ;)Well, I'm asking for this picture 'cause I'm indecisive about which bag to ask my husband:
    the suhali lockit MM in blue or Verone...
    I have also the suhali lockit PM in white... what do you counsel me?
  3. You cannot copy and paste from the LV website. Try doing it from
  4. you can try searching for a picture on ebay or doing using printscreen
  5. look at your keyboard there should be a button on the right that says print screen sysRq get the lockit up on the screen press that button open some photo softwear a paste there'll you'll find the a picture of the whole screen
  6. Sent you a PM:tup:
  7. Don't know if you need it anymore but here you go:
  8. here's a pic of the inside

    Attached Files:

  9. Wow thank you!!! :flowers:

    Which of the two do you counsel me?:yes:

    Does the MM go under the shoulder?

    Really thanks!
  10. I can fit the PM & MM on my shoulder ... I would go for the blue as it is LE:yes:
  11. I too would go with blue. As for the size, I'd make it worth my money and get the MM.
  12. :confused1:Always more indecisive... all my friends concord:

    Blue: sporty and informal

    Grey: elegant and chic

    Do you agree?

    I saw Slayer's message "My new Verone Lockit":yes:It's really classy...

    I was about to take a decision... in a first time I felt in love with the grey, then, I fell in love with the blue (that I never considered before) and now again with the grey, but also the blue.... ooohhhh!

    Oh my friends I need your help in choosing...