need help for a new watch!

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  1. girls, I'm lately considering the idea of buying a new watch.....but I'm not enough inside this topic as I am for bags, so I gotta ask your advice to help me choose....:weird:

    here are some watches that caught my attention....

    la D de Dior....
    Dior Malice security...
    A LV triple coiled strap...
    and finally a MJ that I REALLY looks vintage and classy, and I think it wouldn't bore me in a few days.....

    .......wait for your replies!!!:love:
  2. la D de Dior....
  3. I like the la D de Dior!
  4. ditto!
    I prefer metal bands so you don't have to avoid getting them damp/wet/sweaty.
  5. I kind of like this looks great on Uma. Wonder how much it costs?

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  6. I'd go for the MJ. It has that timeless quality that's good for a watch you're paying a large sum for.
  7. Seem like u like a round face huh?
    La D De Dior is cute but not so popular, The size in your picture is 28mm face they also have 23mm face in mother of pearl face.
    Price run 995.00 to 2495.00 depend of diamond inside or out on the bazel.

    If you like Dior (from what I see your pictures) what do u think of
    Christal- their new line, look like J12 from Chanel but less expensive.

    I will not go with Malice since it's so old, the bands and material is seem not last long but one thing good is this Malice you can change the bands by yourself and additional bands cost less than 100.00.

    I've got The RIVA small one it's really pretty never worn yet.
    I want to sell it so I can get new bag. Anyone interested pm me!

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  8. The MJ is beautiful! I thought about getting it in the steel :love: .
  9. The Marc Jacobs, I love it!
  10. thanx to all of you!!!!i loooove the MJ as you understood and I was just looking for support......but I like la D de dior toooo....I'm pretty unsure also because they've got very different styles....the only thing that restrains myself is that Mj looks too ''adult'' on a 23 yrs old girl.....if you have something different to propose, please post!!!
  11. ....another question about the it better in steel or gold???
  12. I prefer the la D de Dior in steel rather than gold. Steel looks better with diamonds. Edit: oops...misread....thought you were asking about the Dior in steel or gold. The MJ, looks better in gold.
  13. 0o0o i like the Uma watch!
  14. same here :nuts:
  15. I thought Dior watches were made in France with Swiss parts. Doesn't it make more sense to buy a Swiss watch that's actually Swiss, like Weil, Brietling, Rolex, Patek, Ebel...
    I think Vuitton and Dior watches are 'fashion' watches rather than really good watches. I love Vuitton handbags but wouldn't dream of buying a Vuitton watch from a company that's known for luggage. It's just not what they're good at.