Need help for a Bottega Veneta bag

  1. I saw a Bottega Veneta bag in Pink today. It's a tote handbag in Pink. I suddenly love it but just wonder how much it will cost me? Anyone know th eprice of that? I think pink color is just launch out recently. If it will be cheaper than a Chanel flap bag, I might go for it.

    I never has a Bottega Veneta bag before and have no any knowledge with it at all. Any info. is much appreciate.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone please
  3. There are a few threads in the forum that address the bottegas - did you go to the Bottega Veneta website? It shows all the new bags and gives the prices. I would say that most bags are over $1500. Good luck - I love them, too!!
  4. Without knowing the exact bag, I can't tell you. The hobos go for around $1800 but that is their cheapest leather bag. They just updated their website - you can look for the bag there. If you click on the bottom for the description, they will list their prices. Their bags do go on sale at NM, Saks and Barneys at the end of the season, but not all bags and colors, but I have scored some on sale . . . Some bags they make just sell out. I find less stuff goes on sale at BV stores . . . The one I bought before last I had to pay full price and it was alot. But that bag sold out and I really wanted it - luckily I was able to use some Saks gift cards . . .
  5. Please check their website, BOTTEGA VENETA for the styles and prices. For example, their smaller hobo will be $1260, I believe, and the large hobo will be $1600+. Some totes will run into high prices and a few are under $1500.The new pink is called magnolia, and the pale pink/beige/gray is called poudre.

    BV's are known for their fine leather and workmanship. and especially the woven bags. Leather is very soft and IMO it ages well and holds up well.
  6. BV's leather is just soooooo delicious and amazingly soft!!

    Their website, as given by boxermom is a good source of info, and they also list their prices.

    G'luck with ya search, and here's sending you all the BV luck with your first BV bag!!
  7. Oops I should have checked the BV site before posting. The pink hobo which you probably now have seen is $1630 in the large size. The bag looks amazing in that shade pink!
  8. Thank you very much for your answer. As am not in US today I went to Harrods and the SA told me no pink BV bags will coming in Harrods. Tomorrow I will go to check at the boutique. Hope the price will not exceeds my Chanel bag budget (I will use it to buy a BV instead of Chanel.)
  9. I don't know the policy in the UK, but in the US, I've noticed that the new colors that BV gets each season are mostly in their own stores--I haven't seen them often in NM, BG, or Saks. Once in awhile, but it's rare. Maybe they restrict where the new colors are sold.
  10. Can you order from the BV website in the UK? I know you can in the US, and you can get the exact color you want, vs. what the store gets in.
  11. If you can't find it at a BV store in the UK, other BV stores worldwide will ship to you.