Need help--first Hermes, blue hydra or waiting for the etoupe?

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  1. #1 Jun 20, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2016
    Hi everyone here! I am LV fan but now thinking of my first Hermes bag!
    I went to the store yesterday, they have the Picotin size 22 MM in BlueHydra
    18pm in organge
    Which one looks better on me?
    1. Blue hydra MM(match most of my clothes)
    2. Orange PM
    3. Waiting for the most popular color--ETOUPE either size 18 or 22
    Thank you so much for any inputs!!!
    Add more pics

  2. Congrats on getting your first H bag! I am sure u will love it no matter what you pick. Having said that, I am in love with blue hydra...the more I see pics of it the more I want a clutch in that blue so my vote goes for that one. Plus is a great pop of color that will go with w everything!
  3. I vote for the Blue Hydra, easy color to wear :smile:
  4. Do you normally carry a lot? For me I personally don't carry a lot and I am petite so I tend to prefer smaller bags like Picotin 18 instead of 22. It is cuter too. As for colors, neutral will go with a lot more clothing imo. I would choose an etoupe picotin 18 but that is just my personal preference.
  5. Thank u! Love the blue hydra at the first sight! The only concern is I have a blue cobalt Fendi ...the color is similar! But definitely Hermes is more vivid! And I don't have any grey colored bag!
  6. Thank u
  7. Thank u! I am 5'4 and 110pound.....try to lose 5 pounds.......but sooooo hard.........well, I do love the 18 in etoupe
  8. Étoupe
  9. I think 18 looks better on you
  10. Thank you for your vote
  11. Thank you and which color do u like?
  12. Etoupe
  13. Thank u !!
  14. I love the MM size on you and in general too! Blue hydra looks beautiful on you!! And like you said it matches most of your clothes so will fit in perfectly with your wardrobe! Can't wait to see what you decide
  15. Thank u very much!
    It seems the etoupe is more popular than the blue hydra! When I search Picotin, most of the pictures are in etoupe......and according to the SA I talk to, etoupe is very hard to u know why????