Need help!! First bbag - black or anthra City?

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  1. I had totally decided I wanted a black 09 RH city because of all the talk about how saturated the color was this year. I even went to NM and sorted through a bunch of them to find the perfect leather and had them hold it for me to make another stop. I decided to go over to the shoe dept for my son and then pick it up on my way out. During this little jaunt over to the shoe dept I saw a girl carrying a black city w/ RH just like the one I picked out. I was a little disappointed bc it looked kinda boring to me... :sad:
    I am fairly certain I want RH, and not GH.
    I decided to go have lunch and think it over after the shoe dept. So on my way to the food area I saw another girl with a black RH city and thought the same... I just looked plain to me. I usually carry neutral colored bags so I was shocked at myself for thinking it to be plain! This got me to thinking maybe black isn't the best first choice, but I still think a black bbag is totally classic. It got me to wondering if I might be happier w/ Anthracite. I am guessing that color goes with anything black would go with right?
    I like the idea of the blue undertones. I just got my first blue bag, it was a BE Love Me in petrol and loved the blue, but the style didn't work for me so I sold it. I really loved that color though.
    I want my first bbag to be a good neutral, so I'm asking you guys for help in deciding whether to stick w/ black or go w/ anthracite? I would totally be sold on the antracite if the leather was better on it than the black. I tend to like the thick smooth smooshy leathers.
    What do you all think? Black or anthra or should I wait for the Spring colors to come out (or are they already out?). The black I was looking at was Pre Spring.

    Hope this makes sense!!!
  2. I guess what I'm asking is if the Anthracite has a bit more pop to it? Does it seem more interesting to look at than the black? I want something "flashy" but not screaming color! KWIM? :smile:
  3. I think anthracite has a bit more interest to it as it's not just plain black, it has those undertones, but I also think that it can be as classic as the black one. :yes:
  4. I prefer the black with GH as I kinda think it looks a bit plain with RH (sorry, black RH fans!). I think it looks amazing once broken in though. I absolutely love the anthra with RH. It is a very interesting colour. Mine is an 08 and it looks grey in certain lights and has deep bluish tones in other lights. I say go for the anthra. You seem hesitant about the black. Black will always be around so you could always get one in the future.
  5. I agree with saff. Don't try to justify buying a black or you will not be happy. If you like the anthra get it! Black will always be around!
  6. I'll have to go see the anthra in person. I've only seen pics.
    My draw to black is that I love knowing that I have a classic. Anthra just seems more interesting. I wish I liked the GH better. I'm one of those people that it just reminds me of a thimble. I think it looks cool and then the thimble thing keeps creeping into my mind!

    Does anyone know about the leather on the anthra this season?
  7. I'm getting my 09 Anthra SGH Day on my Tuesday, your Wed. I would be able to tell you. But the SA said that it's thick, average dryness (whatever that means), on the veiny/distressed side.
  8. I am with Saff. I prefer my Black with GH. To begin with, I am not a black bag person. I much prefer colours as my signature reads. I would choose Anthra over Black.
  9. I agree with the other girls...Anthra :smile:
  10. I am not a fan of black bags but have two anthras and love them! The color matches pretty much everything and if you wear a lot of pastels and bright colors it's a nice neutral to offset them.
  11. I like a pop of color!
  12. Thanks so much everyone!! That's exactly the type info I need to know. I think anthra won't be as harsh as black. Since we moved to HI a year ago, I find that I don't wear black nearly as much as I did when I was back in the South East. I want my first bbag to be a safe neutral and then I'll venture out into the colors I'm sure! I find that I don't hold on to my colored bags like I do the neutrals. I want this one to be a keeper. :smile: I will post pics as soon as I get it! :biggrin:
  14. I'd go with Anthra. It's different than a black bag and RH and GH looks great with it.
  15. Oh now see that's a tough decision. I would normally say Anthracite all the way, but I love Anthracite 2008 and 2009 as well as the Black they made this year. I would suggest you go for an Anthracite and if you can't find it then go for Black. Either way you won't be disappointed.