Need help finding.........

  1. a very cute athletic sandal. I know that Tsubo has a few cute one's but I have a pair of those and I would like to find a new one for this summer. I am chasing around a one year old and want something fun to wear to the park. Thanks ladies!!!!
  2. Depending on how much you want to spend, have you considered MBT's sandals. Tone your legs while you chase your little one.
  3. MBT's are exactly what I was thinking...I have the sport sneakers and I love them...I miss them when I don't have them on. They have definitely lessened my horrific cellulite too! Worth every penny.
  4. OH! I just got the Stuart Wietzman "fitsya" sandal in black and they are SO nice, and comfortable to boot!
    LOVE THEM!! I am actually thinking about getting another pair in brown! These are definately good sandal staples!
    (make sure to click on "multi view" under the photo and look at the detailing on the back and sides!)

    PS: If you like them there is a seller on eBay named "Grapevine Hill" that often has these sandals for A LOT cheaper than Zappos.
  5. you guys are awesome and I appreciate the options you are giving me. The Stuart W.'s are very tempting.
    I feel silly but I don't know what MBT's are......I am very curious they sound great. Can someone post a link or just fill me in. THANKS.
  6. I'm curious too :smile:
  7. Here is a link to the company's website:

    Also, if you search the Health and Fitness area of tPF, there is a topic on these shoes.