Need Help Finding This Newsboy Hat!

  1. I just saw this hat on eBay, and fell in love with it instantly; however, it is a size S, and I definitely need an L for it to be able to fit on my large head :push: I realize that this hat is not on any of the official department store websites and that this hat is probably from one of the past seasons...has anyone spotted this hat at all and can help me find it? They only have this Millie hat in velvet right now, and I think I would prefer wool for some reason...there are also wool ones but if possible I would like it without the chain...Would the outlets have it? I can see if I can sneak over to the outlets though I don't really live near one...:s Thank you very much and any help will be greatly appreciated! :shame:
    250127843-1.jpg 250127843-2.jpg 250127843-3.jpg 250127843-5.jpg 250127843-8.jpg
  2. I just got this hat in a dark olive green last month. I got it at the Leesburg outlet in Virginia. I don't recall seeing it in red, though. In fact, I'm pretty sure the green one I got was the only one of this style. At any rate, it was marked down to $69 from $150. I hope this helps.
  3. It is cute/
  4. Thank you so much! I'll try to find one...hope they're still around :wlae: